“Open World Action-Adventure Game Being Developed by New Studio of Dan Houser, Co-founder of Rockstar”



Absurd Ventures, founded by former Rockstar Games co-founder and head writer, Dan Houser, is reportedly developing a new “open world action-adventure” game. This information comes from recent job postings on the company’s website, indicating plans for a new IP to be introduced across all platforms and formats, focusing on narrative storytelling. Absurd Ventures also plans to branch out into creating “narrative worlds” through books, graphic novels, and podcasts, with already unveiled projects like American Caper and A Better Paradise.

The job listings on Absurd’s website provide insight into the new game’s innovative features. The Lead Gameplay Designer role mentions development of “best-in-class combat” and comprehensive gaming involving third-person action across various modes. The job also requires knowledge in multiple game mechanics, including “melee and shooting mechanics,” “driving, mounts, climbing, traversal, platforming,” among others.

While other job listings like Senior Art Director do not reveal much about the game, the overall impression suggests similarities with Rockstar Games’ popular GTA franchise. With the unique voice of Absurd Ventures, as seen in their latest releases, the upcoming game is expected to have an edgy theme that fits well into the action-adventure genre.


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