Recap of FFXIV Live Letter: Updates on Dawntrail Job, Return of Fall Guys Event, and Mountain Zu



Final Fantasy XIV is preparing for its latest iteration, version 7.0, to be launched on July 2, with early access to Dawntrail beginning on June 28. This version includes numerous updates and alterations to the game’s 21 jobs, along with new job trailers, previews, system adjustments, and some unusual partnerships with brands like Mountain Dew and KFC. The live stream on May 16, offered key insights into these updates, including the launch of the new ‘action change’ setting and the introduction of Viper and Pictomancer jobs in the gaming universe.

The upcoming expansion raises the level cap to 100, introducing a range of new features and aspects across all jobs. The Action Change setting, introduced to streamline game-play and reduce clutter on hotbars, will enable players to individually choose the actions to be replaced with their subsequent counterparts. The new job profiles, Viper and Pictomancer, although lacking in complete potency and ability names, were discussed in the Live Letter. Viper is a fast-paced role which seamlessly transitions between dual blade and double-bladed attacks, allowing players to execute double-blade abilities after entering the Reawaken mode. Pictomancer, on the other hand, conjures a variety of effects by painting and rendering different motifs.

Numerous details were revealed about the functionalities and features of the Viper and Pictomancer roles. Viper offers a wide range of abilities that give the player buffs based on rotation implementation, with various skill rotations available. Pictomancer, meanwhile, uses painted motifs to execute strong attacks, extend buffs to the party, and self-grant buffs. There are three types of motifs: creature, weapon, and landscape. Drawing motifs have different implications inside and outside battles, with combat adding a time constraint. The final ability, the Subtractive Palette, changes the element of the Aether Hue and unlocks new abilities after the Rainbow Gauge is filled.


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