Nintendo Acquires Hogwarts Legacy, Mortal Kombat Port Studio Prior to Switch 2 Launch



Nintendo has announced its acquisition of Miami-based Shiver Entertainment, the game studio responsible for the Switch versions of Hogwarts Legacy and Mortal Kombat 1. The acquisition will make Shiver a fully-owned subsidiary of Nintendo, with a focus on continuing to port and develop games across multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. Despite not disclosing the purchase price, it’s understood that the financial impact on Nintendo’s fiscal results will be minor.

Shiver, previously owned by Embracer, is under the leadership of CEO John Schappert, founder of EA Tiburon and well-known in the gaming industry for his work on reputed franchises like Madden and NCAA Football. Despite Nintendo’s track record of seldomly acquiring companies, this follows their past strategic acquisitions such as the acquisition of SRD in 2022 and Next Level Games in 2021, both longtime collaborators.

The acquisition of Shiver unfolds amidst rumors of the upcoming release of Nintendo’s Switch 2, projecting a potential expansion in Nintendo’s gaming resources and infrastructure. As part of a larger cost-cutting and restructuring plan, Embracer is offloading franchises and studios, with Shiver included in its sell-off strategy.


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