In Early 2025, Fallout 76 Will Finally Allow Players to Assume the Role of Ghouls



Fallout 76 continues to evolve with constant updates since its launch, including new features such as Expeditions, which unveils previously inaccessible locations, and the discovery of new dungeons in deserted Vaults or underground environments. Today, Bethesda announced new details about their upcoming Skyline Valley update at the Xbox Games Showcase. Most intriguingly, players can now become Ghouls.

Skyline Valley, a newly incorporated region to the south of Appalachia, lies between Ash Heap and Cranberry Bog. Introducing a fresh enhancement to the Appalachian map, it seems a considerable catastrophe has occurred there. The Skyline Valley update is currently undergoing testing in Fallout 76 test realms, with a release date set for June 12.

A newly released trailer also hinted that from early 2025, players can play as Ghouls. These Wastelanders who have absorbed just enough radiation to mutate, but not quite enough to die, present a tantalising and complex character choice. They age slowly and demonstrate great resilience, but can also turn feral. The introduction of being able to play as a Ghoul is an intriguing development following Fallout 76’s initial unstable launch.


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