Disney Reveals a New Pixel RPG Titled “Disney Pixel RPG”



Disney has unveiled a new mobile game called Disney Pixel RPG, set to be released on iOS and Android on September 9, with the option for in-game purchases. The game involves classic Disney characters such as Maleficent, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and many more, traversing their worlds which have been invaded by gooey monsters. It is the role of the player to assist these characters in restoring their worlds.

The RPG promises an engaging turn-based battle system, user-friendly touch controls, and an auto-play feature. Players can also partake in expeditions, sending their characters on adventures to bring back various items in their absence, further enhancing the gameplay experience.

Notably, the game will feature additional Disney characters from movies such as Mulan, Peter Pan, Zootopia, The Aristocats, and potentially more throughout its development. The Disney Pixel RPG shares similarities with the Kingdom Hearts series, offering a casual, family-friendly counterpart. For those eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Kingdom Hearts series, a projected release date of 2025 is speculated.


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