The Initial Descendant Hotfix Will Include Highly-Requested Feature



Nexon, the developer of free-to-play co-op looter shooter “The First Descendant,” has hinted at the inclusion of one of the most demanded features since the game’s launch. Currently, the only hard mode that doesn’t feature matchmaking is Infiltration Operations, which fans eagerly play for their improved loot drop rate, albeit with a slower pace due to the lack of matchmaking. However, Nexon plans to issue a hotfix including “matchmaking for public Infiltration Operation (Dungeon) on Hard Mode,” sparking excitement and positive feedback from fans.

While the anticipated feature has been well received, Nexon still faces controversies related to “The First Descendant” which the company has yet to address. Criticisms include its aggressive monetization strategy and perceived similarities between its icons and those used in Bungie’s rival game, “Destiny”. Despite this, the game continues to gain traction, achieving a peak Steam concurrent player count of 264,860 placing it among the top five most played games on Valve’s platform.

Microsoft and Sony have not released player numbers for PlayStation and Xbox, yet, the current popularity of “The First Descendant” suggests a promising future. For an in-depth perspective of the game’s strengths and weaknesses, check IGN’s review in progress of “The First Descendant.”


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