“Mushihimesama, the Cave Shmup, is Being Removed from the Nintendo Switch Store”



Live Wire recently declared that their popular game, Mushihimesama, will be removed from the Nintendo Switch eShop on August 10, 2024, due to the expiration of the licensing agreement. The removal announcement has not yet been made on the Switch eShop, and the current price of the game remains at $19.99. The game first debuted on the eShop during the E3 event in June 2021. Mushihimesama, a game for one or two players, features the character Princess Reco embarking on a mission to meet the God of the Koju to save her people from disease.

The game, well-regarded for its multiple game modes and difficulties, has the princess shooting her way through five different stages on her golden beetle. Apart from Mushihimesama, Live Wire is also responsible for publishing a range of similar games (shmups) from Cave on the Switch eShop. These include the successful titles DoDonPachi Resurrection and Espgaluda II, both released in 2021, and the game Radiant Silvergun, launched in September 2022.

Mushihimesama is available in various formats, including Switch, PC, and iOS devices, and made previous appearances on platforms such as the PS2, Xbox 360, and Japanese arcades. Its availability in arcades is location-dependent, enabling players to possibly find it in arcades nearby.


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