Nintendo Possibly Hinting at New Game through Emio Video



Nintendo has released a cryptic teaser video for a potential new game, named “Emio.” The 15-second video features a figure donned in a trench coat and a paper bag mask with a drawn smiley face, standing against a spotlighted blank wall. As it reaches the 4 second mark, the video shifts its focus onto the figure’s hands and paper bag mask, ending with Japanese texts suggesting the character is the ‘smiling man’. The Nintendo of America’s social media post regarding the teaser uses the hashtag #WhoIsEmio.

While the video stirred curiosity among the fans, it did not appear connected with any of the company’s known recent or upcoming releases. Nintendo just released Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD in late June, with the next announced title, Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition, scheduled to release on July 18, 2024. Fans are in anticipation, as there is no revealed game for August yet, leading to speculations of a possible surprise.

As of now, there are no definitive details regarding this possibly new Nintendo project connected with the “Emio” teaser. Fans are now left speculating about the mystery and waiting for an official announcement from the company.


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