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  • Archive of Japanese Video Game Commercials is Awesome

    Archive of Japanese Video Game Commercials is Awesome

    Video game commercials have been a constant source of entertainment for gamers since the industry’s early days. From the NES to the PS4, video game commercials have showcased the gaming industry’s creativity, humor, and innovation. While many of these regional commercials have made a lasting impression, few have been as memorable as Japanese game commercials.…

  • Sega’s Game Gear Commercial is Great

    Is that the guy from Mallrats? Also, really love the implications of this commercial: “Are you retarded?” “You are if you own a Gameboy.” I love Ecco the Dolphin. From this other thing.

  • Mega Man 10 Retro Commercial

    I love how Capcom takes the retro look even into their commercials. If I saw that when I was a kid I would have wanted the game. And more locks on the door to my room. And a nude poster on my door.