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  • Reason 95 Why Final Fantasy 6 is the Most Awesome: Ultros

    Ultros is a recurring bad guy in Final Fantasy VI. He is a delusional, carnivorous octopus. He’s not all bad, though. He tells cheesy jokes and hits on female party members. People like him so much they do cross stitches with him in them. He’s so loved, he is going to appear DLC in Final […]

  • Reason 96 Why Final Fantasy 6 is the Most Awesome: Kefka’s Tower

    Kefka’s Tower is easily the best end area in any Final Fantasy and quite possibly the best end stage I’ve played in any RPG, for a couple of reason: Multiple parties – Up until this point, the game has required the player to create and switch between at most two different parties to work through […]

  • Reason 97 Why Final Fantasy 6 is the Most Awesome: It Still Looks Good

    The 2D artwork in Final Fantasy 6 is amazing and still looks great, to this today. The character designs, the background art, the enemy and boss designs all look spectacular. I think, compared to 3D, 2D games just age much better. I also believe the artwork is one of the main reasons why I can […]

  • Reason 98 Why Final Fantasy 6 is the Most Awesome: The Dream Stooges

    I’m not really sure why Mr. Woolsey thought naming these three guys after the Three Stooges was a good idea, but it is. It’s important to note that this is all happening within Cyan’s dreaming mind and that in Japanese their names have nothing to do with the Three Stooges, they’re just the word for […]

  • Reason 99 Why Final Fantasy 6 is the Most Awesome: 4 Party Members

    I don’t like the three party system used in recent iterations of the Final Fantasy series (IX being the only exception…I think). It’s not just Final Fantasy, either, most recent party-based RPG’s that I can remember use three characters, maximum. It reinforces a fairly uniform party lineup: Priest/Healer/Buffer Warrior/Physical damage/Tank Mage/Magical damage/Glass cannon/DPS Pretty straight […]

  • Reason 100 Why Final Fantasy 6 is the Most Awesome: Shadow

    He owes allegiance to no one, and will do anything for money. He comes and goes like the wind… Shadow is Final Fantasy VI’s anti-hero. That’s pretty cool, sure, everyone loves a good anti-hero. He’s a loner and an assassin and a mercenary and he doesn’t give a shit about anything except money. Great. For […]