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  • Simcity’s Soundtracks Are Great

    The recently leaked Simcity 5 trailer (that’s been taken down, I just linked to it so you know that I know there was a video at one point) and stills (above, not taken down, yet) have pretty heavily hinted at a forthcoming (maybe GDC) announcement and a 2013 release date (good for me, plenty of […]

  • The Beatles: Rock Band – Two Microphone Pack

    **ROCK BAND MEDIA ALERT** MTV GAMES, HARMONIX AND EA ANNOUNCE Unique Bundle Allows Fab Four Fans to Sing Along to 45 of The Beatles’ Greatest Hits Guildford, UK. – 22nd Sept., 2009 – Harmonix, MTV Games, and distribution partner Electronic Arts Inc., today announced the The Beatles: Rock Band – Two Microphone Pack for PS3™, […]

  • The Beatles: Rock Band Out Tomorrow

    The BeatlesTM: Rock BandTM Makes Worldwide Debut Tomorrow First-of-its-kind Music Video Game Capturing The Beatles’ Extraordinary Music, Career and Legacy Available 9/9/09 in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Other Territories Guildford, UK – 8th September 2009 – Apple Corps, Ltd., MTV Games and Harmonix, the world’s leading developer of music-based games and a […]

  • Braid, Dawn Of War II Soundtracks

    If you liked the Braid or Dawn of War II soundtracks, you can now get both, for free. Dawn of War II soundtrack packaged together in .rar format and available here. Braid’s soundtrack is technically for sale here, but you can listen to the embedded player below for free (it automatically begins playing so don’t […]

  • Korg DS-10 Coming to Gamestop

    If you haven’t been able to pick up Korg DS-10 yet (since Gamestop previously decided not to stock it for some reason), it looks like Gamestop has changed their collective minds and will be selling the game starting February 9. They’ll be selling it at $30, which is a pretty good deal. [ via Gamestop […]

  • Robo’s Theme – Never Gonna Give You Up

    Kotaku kind of ruined Chrono Trigger / Robo’s Theme for me the other day, pointing out the theme is basically just Never Gonna Give You Up (combined here). I would have never noticed. The interesting part is the composer of the Chrono Trigger soundtrack, Yasunori Mitsuda, swears he never heard of Rick Astley before: “It […]