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  • Modern Warfare 2 Javelin Glitch Patched On 360

    It was funny at first. Then it got amazingly annoying. Particularly when you faced groups of people with clan tags like “JAV” all running around doing it. Now, finally, it’s gone forever. For those who enjoy being cheap, fear not, Akimbo Model 1887s remain insanely overpowered. Fun fact: I worked at the company that makes […]

  • Castle Crashers Finally Getting Patched

    Sure, it’s been like forever since Castle Crashers was released. It was really fun but there were a ton of problems with the game such as data loss issue, networking issues, and other bugs such as these. Well, The Behemoth and Microsoft will finally be patching the game today, hopefully addressing the various issues players […]

  • Valve Patches Left 4 Dead on the 360

    It turns out you could cheat in the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead. Like, spawn tons of enemies or use infinite Molotov cocktails. It sounds like fun, I guess, until you’re playing against some guy doing it. Anyway, Valve found out and patched the game today. It’s too bad, I was really looking […]