Category: Retrospective

  • Metal Gear Retrospective

    I like learning more about Snake. Everyone should, really. Like, I had no idea in the first Metal Gear there was a boss named Dirty Duck, that game was too hard I never got anywhere in it. Snake is pretty awesome. I hope Liz reads this so she can start thinking about our next awesome…

  • Awesome Radical Retrospective: Arkanoid

    Arkanoid was originally an arcade game developed by Taito in 1986 and later ported over to the NES. You control the “Vaus”, a space ship that basically acts as a paddle to bounce a ball against multicolor bricks. Some bricks take more than one hit to destroy and the player can grab upgrades along the…

  • Awesome Radical Retrospective: The Goonies II (NES)

    The Goonies II is a game I remember very fondly from childhood. I’m not really sure why I thought it was so awesome, the game was confusing to me and I just wandered around aimlessly. However, looking at my NES games this one just stuck out as a unique game play experience.

  • Awesome Radical Retrospective: Monster Party (NES)

    This week we’re featuring one of my all time favorite NES games, Monster Party. It has everything: ridiculous story line, great music, giant maneating shrimp, and tons of blood that slipped by the censors somehow. Monster Party has “awesome” writen all over it.

  • Awesome Radical Retro Prospective: A Boy and His Blob

    This week’s retro prospective spotlights A Boy and His Blob: Trouble in Blobolonia, which was first released in 1989 for the NES. The game was pretty weird but that’s what made it so awesome. Basically, it’s a side scrolling platformer, with a twist. The whole time you have a blob friend (named Blobert, apparently) that…