Persona 3: FES U.S. Trailer

If I had to use two words to describe Persona 3 to someone new to the series I would say this: “awesome…radical”. I can’t wait to hear that same song remixed 20 different ways again.

Opoona Preview

I like how he has to keep up with a T.V. drama about a stray cat. I’m totally wanting this game. I also found it interesting that the Final Fantasy XII guy is doing the music for Opoona, too.

Persona 3: FES Coming to North America April 22

Atlus has officially announced that Persona 3 FES is coming to North America April 22. 30 more hours of Persona 3…I don’t know if I can handle the awesomeness. And it’s only $29.99, which is nice. You can read all the details I received through email below…

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

IGN has an interesting interview up with Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood’s producer, Mark Darrah and some new screenshots from the game. I’ve been interested in this Sonic RPG for awhile now, the idea of Bioware making a Sonic RPG on a handheld system just seemed like something completely different for the company. I expected… Continue reading Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood