Category: Weekly Releases

  • This Week On XBLA – Bust a Move, Football Genius and Military Madness

    How many Bust a Move games are there? Apparently, about 22. So, just in case you want to own it yet again, you can get it on XBLA this week. Military Madness is a turn-based strategy game and Football Genius is a quiz game about…soccer! Madness. [ Major Nelson ]

  • Weekly Releases – 09/14/09

    Scribblenauts is looking pretty awesome, especially considering the amount of words you can use (reported at 22,802) and the resulting battles that ensue. I especially like Piano cat vs. Nuke.

  • Weekly Releases – 02/02/09

    It’s a pretty slow week. Besides Burnout Paradise (PC, EA) and My World My Way (DS, Atlus) there doesn’t seem to be anything else happening. It’s a good thing, because I a) don’t have any money and b) don’t want to buy anything before I (finally, maybe) beat Tales of Vesperia. And then there’s Persona…