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  • Super Meat Boy Review

    Super Meat Boy Review

    Super Meat Boy is a platformer about a boy without skin named Meat Boy who must save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from Dr. Fetus. Aside from having the best story ever it’s also hard. Very, very hard. I’ve died over 3,000 times (which isn’t an exaggeration, the game keeps tracks of deaths) and haven’t completed…

  • Kirby Epic Yarn E3 Trailer

    Those are some crazy yarn graphics. I think it’s pretty cool how they incorporate the theme into the game play by allowing the player to pull the environment together in parts.

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II E3 Trailer

    Probably the best trailer I’ve seen out of E3 this year. I didn’t play the first game and had no intention of playing the second until watching this, which kind of sold me on the idea. Did Vader really expect like seven storm troopers to kill him?

  • NBA Jam E3 Trailer

    One of the few sports games I ever played, and it was totally rad. Boom shakalaka.

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns E3 Trailer

    Donkey Kong Country Returns looks great, I love the 2D game play similar to the SNES games. The game features same-screen co-op two player, and it’s being developed by Retro , the same guys who successfully transitioned Metroid into 3D with Metroid Prime.

  • Metroid: Other M E3 Trailer

    Looks pretty cool, but I’m not sure how much 2D vs. 3D game play they’ll be. I’d personally rather more 2D then 3D, but either way the games looking really good. Metroid: Other M currently has an August 31, 2010 for North America.

  • Monster Hunter Tri Detailed For North American Release

    Nintendo and Capcom released a ton of new details for their upcoming release Monster Hunter Tri at the Nintendo Summit today. Highlights include free online play, voice support (Wii-Speak), a bundle with classic controller for only $59.99, and a pre-order Monster Hunter Tri Points Card worth 500 Points ($5.00) available through Gamestop. The card can…

  • HIM Debuts On Rock Band, Singles From Marilyn Manson, The Police

    Finally, something from the Finnish “rockers” HIM. Finally. After watching this I’m inspired to start wearing shirts showing a little midriff. I also learned it’s not spelled “midrift”. Full press release below…

  • Nintendo 2010 Line-Up

    Nintendo 2010 Line-Up

    Nintendo’s 2010 line-up features some pretty exciting titles. I think I’m most looking forward to Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey from Atlus on the DS (March 10). Capcom also has some pretty good games coming: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom on Wii, Phoenix Wright on WiiWare, Ace Attorney Investigations on DS, and Mega Man 10, the sequel…

  • Frank West Confirmed In Tatsunoko VS Capcom

    Frank West, of Dead Rising fame, has been confirmed as a playable character in Tatsunoko VS Capcom. I’m sure he’ll hold his own. He’s covered wars, ya know.

  • Toys R Us Ad Shows $199 Wii Price Drop Coming Soon

    Looks like the Wii will also be getting a price cut, following Microsoft and Sony’s.

  • New Spyborgs Video

    Capcom has released a new video for Spyborgs, their upcoming beat ’em up for the Wii. The video features Bouncer and Stinger beating up all kinds of stuff. Spyborgs is Capcom’s hottest new video game thrill ride, combining an extraordinary sci-fi world with action-packed two-player co-op controls. In Spyborgs, gamers play as cybernetically enhanced superheroes…