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  • November Sales Numbers – DS Wins

    The NPD group has released their sales numbers for November…so, I guess we should start with the bad news first. The PS2 is still outselling the PS3…embarrassing! To make matters worse, the PSP, PS2, and PS3 sales combined are less then the DS. The good news, the DS sold 1.53 million units and the Wii […]

  • Nielson Company Issues It’s Top 10 List For 2007

    Well, this list isn’t too shocking. World of Warcraft tops the PC list, probably because it’s totally awesome (maybe even too awesome). The Sims is still holding on though, with the number two spot. I don’t think I’ll ever forget playing that game for the first time…long story. The PS2 is still dominating the console […]

  • No LittleBigPlanet Demo in 2007

    Sure, I don’t own a PS3 yet, but it still hurts just the same. LittleBigPlanet seems like it will be a really fun game and I was interested to see and hear more about it. Unfortunately, the demo won’t be a available before sometime next year…oh well. Here’s the official quote: “I can officially confirm […]

  • TIME Picks Their Top Ten Games of 2007

    TIME has picked their top ten video games of 2007. I don’t know if I would really regard them as the authority on gaming, but whatever. It’s pretty much the list you’d expect, all the biggies are there, I think. I love this comment about Halo 3: “The epic storyline and the stirring score don’t […]

  • Spike TV Video Game Awards Sucks

    Kotaku (don’t click the link if you don’t want to see spoilers) has put up a list of various winners of Spike TV’s 2007 Video Game Awards show. Some of the choices seem extremely odd to me… Don’t click if you don’t want to know the winners before the show airs.

  • Nintendo Reports Huge Sales

    The Nintendo DS set a sales record last week (between November 18 – 24), selling more than 653,000 units! The previous title holder? The Game Boy Advance, moving 600,000 for the same time period in 2005. Well done Nintendo, well done.