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  • Left 4 Dead Crash Course DLC Now Available

    Sure, Left 4 Dead 2 is only a month away, but that hasn’t stopped Valve from supporting Left 4 Dead. Crash Course is out for both the Xbox 360 and PC today. The downloadable content adds a new campaign (playable in survival and versus mode), new dialog, new achievements, and new locations.

  • Left 4 Dead’s Crash Course Coming Next Week

    Valve announced today that Left 4 Dead’s new campaign, Crash Course, will be out next week. The campaign takes place between the No Mercy and Death Toll campaigns, fleshing out what happens once you escaped from the hospital and how you end up trying to get to the airport. The DLC will be available on […]

  • New Left 4 Dead DLC Coming In September

    Sure, Left 4 Dead 2 is coming out in November, but that isn’t stopping Valve from releasing more DLC for the original Left 4 Dead. The new campaign, Crash Course, will be playable in single player, co-op, and versus modes and (adding some continuity to the campaigns) takes place between the No Mercy and Death […]

  • Left 4 Dead Premium Theme Coming Soon

    This month’s Official Xbox Magazine comes packaged with a pretty awesome Left 4 Dead Premium theme. The magazine should be out this Tuesday and will also include four exclusive L4D gamer pictures. I’m probably going to pick it up since Left 4 Dead is pretty much the greatest zombie game ever, besides maybe Zombies Ate […]

  • Left 4 Dead Survival Pack – It’s Free

    Looks like the upcoming Left 4 Dead expansion, Survival Pack, is going to be free. The expansion is set to be released this spring and introduces a new mode, Survival, and Death Toll and Dead Air as versus maps. [ via Kotaku ]

  • Left 4 Dead Expansion Pack Announced

    Left 4 Dead’s first expansion pack, L4D Survival Pack, is due out this spring. The expansion features two new versus campaigns and a new game play mode, survival. Survival sounds like it could be really awesome, instead of having to run through millions of zombies you sit in a room and wait for them all […]

  • Valve Patches Left 4 Dead on the 360

    It turns out you could cheat in the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead. Like, spawn tons of enemies or use infinite Molotov cocktails. It sounds like fun, I guess, until you’re playing against some guy doing it. Anyway, Valve found out and patched the game today. It’s too bad, I was really looking […]

  • Left 4 Dead Demo Coming for PC and 360

    Valve’s Gabe Newell has confirmed plans for a PC and Xbox 360 demo of their upcoming survival horror game, Left 4 Dead. The demo will contain both single player and online co-op modes. There’s no set release date for the demo yet. Left 4 Dead is scheduled for release at the end of November, and […]

  • Gametrailers TV – Left 4 Dead is Awesome and Radical

    After watching this I really want to get Left 4 Dead. Co-op FPS killing tons of zombies, you really can’t go wrong. I don’t know if I could trust Robert to watch my back with zombies around though, you just never know with that guy. The Lego Batman trailer looks interesting, too.