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  • Nintendo 2010 Line-Up

    Nintendo 2010 Line-Up

    Nintendo’s 2010 line-up features some pretty exciting titles. I think I’m most looking forward to Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey from Atlus on the DS (March 10). Capcom also has some pretty good games coming: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom on Wii, Phoenix Wright on WiiWare, Ace Attorney Investigations on DS, and Mega Man 10, the sequel…

  • Nintendo’s 2009 Lineup

    There’s Fire Emblem, Punch-Out!!, Mario and Luigi RPG 3, and Sin and Punishment 2. I guess it could be worse, really.

  • Square Enix E3 Lineup

    Square Enix has a hell of a lot of games coming out…interestingly, Final Fantasy XIII isn’t on the list, which kind of sucks but at the same time is OK because I don’t own a PS3 yet. Regardless, there are still a ton of great games coming out, the Chrono Trigger remake should be cool,…