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  • Modern Warfare 2 Gets Festive with Shipmas Map

    Modern Warfare 2 Gets Festive with Shipmas Map

    Shipmas returns tomorrow in  Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, allowing players to explore an evocative version of the beloved Shipment map. It is adorned with festive decorations and snowmen and even has larger-than-life STAY FROSTY messages sprayed onto the shipping containers. Additionally, players can also purchase the Klaus Fisker operator bundle, complete with vehicle […]

  • Modern Warfare 2’s New Glitches

    They fix the Javelin glitch and introduce two great new ones: infinite ammo on everything (no cooldown on the C-130’s guns, for instance) and joining random private matches when searching for games. Awesome. I’ve had a lot of trouble the past couple of days joining the same game with my party, which is amazingly annoying. […]

  • Modern Warfare 2 Javelin Glitch Patched On 360

    It was funny at first. Then it got amazingly annoying. Particularly when you faced groups of people with clan tags like “JAV” all running around doing it. Now, finally, it’s gone forever. For those who enjoy being cheap, fear not, Akimbo Model 1887s remain insanely overpowered. Fun fact: I worked at the company that makes […]

  • 8 Minutes Of Modern Warfare 2

    8 minutes of Modern Warfare’s 2 campaign shown on stage…somewhere. Wherever this was, it sounds really loud. And that ending…that had to hurt.

  • Modern Warfare 2’s Capture The Flag, Throwing Knives

    Shooting people is cool, yes, but capturing flags using riot shields is even awesomer. So is “host migration”, something every single game should have. In most games, if the host leaves, the game ends for everyone, which happens constantly. That’s been fixed in Modern Warfare 2, with the game automatically selecting a new host very […]

  • Modern Warfare 2’s Prestige Edition

    Tired of just getting art books with your collector’s edition games? Well, it seems Infinity Ward has come to the rescue, giving players night vision goggles with every “Prestige Edition” copy of the game. And it will only set you back about $149 which actually, kind of doesn’t seem that bad for the goggles and […]