Yeah, Simcity 5 is Real

As the world predicted. Kind of excited about the idea of multiplayer, I could see that working pretty well. I don’t understand what tilt-shift means. I figured it out. I really like the idea of ruining some smug super genius city planners perfectly designed utopia filled with highly educated physicists just because he happens to… Continue reading Yeah, Simcity 5 is Real

Simcity’s Soundtracks Are Great

The recently leaked Simcity 5 trailer (that’s been taken down, I just linked to it so you know that I know there was a video at one point) and stills (above, not taken down, yet) have pretty heavily hinted at a forthcoming (maybe GDC) announcement and a 2013 release date (good for me, plenty of… Continue reading Simcity’s Soundtracks Are Great