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  • U.S. to Get Chrono Trigger DS Before Japan?

    The good news is that North America gets Chrono Trigger DS on November 25th, two whole days before Japan gets it on the 27th. The bad news is, in Japan, they get “CHRONO TRIGGER ORCHESTRA EXTRA SOUNDTRACKS” when pre-ordering the game. The CD contains two tracks, “Chrono Trigger Orchestral Version” and “Chrono Trigger Orchestral Medley.” […]

  • ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat Coming to U.S.

    Archaic Sealed Heat, it had everything going for it, awesome graphics and it’s a Hironobu Sakaguchi produced RPG, but it only sold about 50,000 copies in Japan (50,000 doesn’t seem that bad…but, I guess that’s bad nowadays). What’s your problem, Japan? I mean seriously, dick move guys. Anyway, the ESRB has given ASH an E10+ […]

  • Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (DS)

    There’s been no official announcement from Square Enix, but an official Dragon Quest IV site has shown up through Square Enix North America. The site also reveals the games release date of September 16th! It goes on to tease information about Dragon Quest V and VI U.S. releases, but no release dates are mentioned. I […]

  • Atlus Releasing R-Type Tactics in the U.S.?

    Normally, whenever I think of an R-Type game I think side-scrolling shooter with tons of slow down because a million things are happening on the screen at the same time. R-Type Tactics, however, is a turn-based strategy game and rumor has it Atlus is going to publish it stateside under the name R-Type Command. Furthermore, […]