• Muramasa: The Demon Blade Gets New Publisher, Release Date

    This morning XSEED announced it would no longer be publishing Muramasa: The Demon Blade in the U.S. I was a bit worried we’d never see it released here, maybe Vanillaware thought it was too hardcore for the U.S. Wii audience…which would suck because not only does the game look amazing, but I’d have a reason […]

  • Korg DS-10 Coming to Gamestop

    If you haven’t been able to pick up Korg DS-10 yet (since Gamestop previously decided not to stock it for some reason), it looks like Gamestop has changed their collective minds and will be selling the game starting February 9. They’ll be selling it at $30, which is a pretty good deal. [ via Gamestop […]