Wine and Video Games, a Perfect Match

Wine no Hajimekata DS Comes With Wine

Wine no Hajimekata DS is a Square Enix game about wine. I honestly can’t find out anymore information about the game. Does it tell you what wines go well with what meals? How to identify a good wine compared to a bad wine? I have no idea. Wikipedia has nothing, and IGN simply has this:

A DS game that helps those unfamiliar with wine learn a little bit more about this ancient libation.

Gameplay doesn’t matter, really (if there even is gameplay). What does matter is that it comes with a bottle of wine. Liz would totally buy this game. Maybe even two copies.

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8 Responses

  1. mister eno says:

    ghahahahaa! yes she would.

  2. mister eno says:

    ghahahahaa! yes she would.

  3. lizbot says:

    Two? How about Ten?

  4. lizbot says:

    Two? How about Ten?

  5. Radical Dude says:


  6. Radical Dude says:


  7. Ricky says:

    Your benefit amount will decide how many arms needed to perform before hitting bonus spend.

  8. Each time a optimistic card is dealt, add 1 towards the count, and each time
    a damaging card is dealt, withhold 1 from your count.

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