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  • Yosuke Matsuda to Resign as Square Enix President in June

    Yosuke Matsuda to Resign as Square Enix President in June

    After a decade leading Square Enix Co. and Square Enix Holdings, veteran games industry icon Yosuke Matsuda will be stepping down from the role of company president and representative director. Current company director Takashi Kiryu will be replacing him, with the changeover likely to be finalized during the 34th Annual Shareholder Meetings this June. Matsuda…

  • Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion Coming Dec 13

    Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion Coming Dec 13

    A remake of Crisis Core, named Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion, was announced during the 9/13 Nintendo Direct. The original was released 15 years ago for the PSP. Square Enix has a page up detailing the characters and game mechanics. Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is set to launch on December 13, 2022,…

  • Square Enix’s 0 Day Attack on Earth Out 12/23

    Square Enix’s announced that their XBLA shooter 0 Day Attack on Earth will be out next week. It looks pretty interesting, and you can check out the official website here

  • Final Fantasy XIII Drinks

    Square Enix is teaming up with the beverage company Suntory to release a Final Fantasy XIII drink, called Final Fantasy XIII Elixir. The drink will be out in Japan sometime this winter. Always remember, “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.” An actual shot of the drink, below. [ Kotaku ]

  • Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Confirmed

    Square Enix confirmed today that Final Fantasy XIII will be out on December 17th at a Japanese press event. That’s in Japan, Square Enix’s Yoichi Wada did talk briefly about the international release, though: “In the past, it’s taken a year or half a year to release our games abroad, but this time we are…

  • Final Fantasy XIII’s Odin Figure

    This is a prototype figure of Final Fantasy XIII’s Odin, as seen at a figure and hobby event, Chara-Hobby in Chiba, Japan. I guess this is Odin in horse form, he can do that in XIII. [ via Kotaku ]

  • Dragon Quest IX’s Japanese Launch

    I’ve always been curious what exactly goes on during a Dragon Quest launch in Japan. The game is kind of a big deal there. So big, in fact, that they only release them on Saturdays (instead of their normal Thursday launches), supposedly because everyone would skip school/work/etc. to play the game (I’m not sure if…

  • Star Ocean 4 Regional Differences

    For some reason, Square Enix decided to change a lot of the interfaces for the North American version of Star Ocean 4. They changed all the anime into CG…I wonder why?

  • Star Ocean 4 Faceplate

    A bunch of Star Ocean 4 kiosks popped up in Japan on Sunday, each one displaying the Star Ocean 4 faceplate. I think it looks pretty cool. Hopefully they’ll bring those to the U.S. [ via Kotaku ]

  • Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

    There’s a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer out, available here. It shows off some actual gameplay and has English subtitles. The game looks really nice so far, reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy VII.

  • New Final Fantasy XIII Screens

    A few new screens have surfaced for Final Fantasy XIII in V-Jump, a Japanese video game and manga magazine. There are a few details about the game we have been able to decipher despite knowning no Japanese. There appears to be a very prominent red-headed female character that is reminiscent of Rikku from Final Fantasy…

  • Dragon Quest X Coming to Wii

    Yesterday, at an event in Japan, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest X is coming to the Wii. The event was held to promote their March 28th release of Dragon Quest IX for the DS (side note: Dragon Quest IX is going to cost 5,980 yen there, or roughly $64.73, which is insane). I hope it…