New Spyborgs Video

Capcom has released a new video for Spyborgs, their upcoming beat ’em up for the Wii. The video features Bouncer and Stinger beating up all kinds of stuff.

Spyborgs is Capcom’s hottest new video game thrill ride, combining an extraordinary sci-fi world with action-packed two-player co-op controls. In Spyborgs, gamers play as cybernetically enhanced superheroes who are betrayed by one of their own from the elite Spyborgs Institute. Players must team up to defeat this traitor through more than 35 stages of mind-blowing challenges, packed with epic boss battles and swarms of enemies that only two can defeat.

New Castle Crashers DLC Coming Soon

New Castle Crashers DLC On The Way

Behemoth announced on their blog that some new DLC, the Necromantic Pack, will be available soon. The pack adds a number of new things:

  • Two new characters, the Necromancer and Cult Minion
  • A new animal orb, Dragonhead
  • Two new weapons, the NG Skull Mace and Chainsaw

There’s no set release date or price, they are saying that’s up to Microsoft, but do note to expect it very soon.

Castle Crashers Devs New Game

The Behemoth, the developers behind Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid, are working on a new game, simply called Game 3 for now. The gameplay is described as “competitive platformer”, part Super Smash Bros. and part Bubble Bobble. I like the music.

On a related note, Castle Crashers has 1,000,000 people on the leader boards (I’m not sure if that’s a million downloads, or just users) making it the fastest growing XBLA game so far.

Oh, and Castle Crashers is coming to the PS3.

Help Atlus Name Some Game

Help Atlus Name a Game

Atlus is bringing Kenka Bancho 3 (PSP) to North America, but they need a better name then that….and can’t decide on one on their own. Instead, their asking everyone to do their job for them. If you’d like to suggest something (you have to choose from a list of suggestions, kind of lame) then go here . Apparently it’s “a game of street brawling and insult hurling”, sort of looks like River City Ransom in 3D except now you can shoot lasers from your eyes. There’s also a trailer below if you’re interested, it features an awesome theme song that really gets you in the mood to brawl and hurl insults. I personally went with Badass.

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Castle Crashers Future DLC: Chainsaw, Necromancer, the King

Since the release of Castle Crashers there has been a lot of speculation about finding certain weapons or unlocking additional characters. Apparently, while they were testing the game through Xbox Live, someone was able to download the then incomplete game and make a video of themselves playing it. In the video were two additional characters, the necromancer and the king, as well as another weapon, the chainsaw.

A lot of people have been trying to figure out how to unlock them in the now complete game, to no avail. Well, Behemoth has posted on their official Castle Crashers blog to stop looking because, as it turns out, those items are for future DLC through Xbox Live. They also mention that they’re fixing some bugs that have come up, like probably the one that kept disconnecting me from online games.

[ via Castle Crashers Development Blog of Love ]

Castle Crashers GDC Walkthrough

Castle Crashers looks really fun. I’m seriously pumped for this game, I can’t wait to play it co-op. I don’t see why it’s not getting more attention actually, it seems like it would be the perfect game to play with 3 other friends. Maybe the problem is it’s not 3D enough, I don’t know.

Castle Crashers New Screenshots

I really liked Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers looks just as awesome. Multiplayer beat-em-ups are always good, and I love the artwork in the game. I’ve been wondering if Castle Crashers was ever coming out, actually, it seems like it’s taken forever to develop. Well a release date has been set (sort of) for summer 2008.

Also, we have a couple of new screen shots that look really nice.

Castle Crashers Castle Crashers Castle Crashers Castle Crashers Castle Crashers Castle Crashers