Help Atlus Name Some Game



Help Atlus Name a Game

Atlus is bringing Kenka Bancho 3 (PSP) to North America, but they need a better name then that….and can’t decide on one on their own. Instead, their asking everyone to do their job for them. If you’d like to suggest something (you have to choose from a list of suggestions, kind of lame) then go here . Apparently it’s “a game of street brawling and insult hurling”, sort of looks like River City Ransom in 3D except now you can shoot lasers from your eyes. There’s also a trailer below if you’re interested, it features an awesome theme song that really gets you in the mood to brawl and hurl insults. I personally went with Badass.


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  1. mister eno Avatar
    mister eno

    i am going with “DMV 3” cause it sounds like you get to use those kinds of moo-vuhs

  2. mister eno Avatar
    mister eno

    i am going with “DMV 3” cause it sounds like you get to use those kinds of moo-vuhs

  3. Mike Avatar

    I can imagine that happening in this game. The main character goes into a bar, orders a “crazy” drink, and the bartender refuses. The main character then uses his super special insult: “Wow, dick move.”

  4. Mike Avatar

    I can imagine that happening in this game. The main character goes into a bar, orders a “crazy” drink, and the bartender refuses. The main character then uses his super special insult: “Wow, dick move.”

  5. Sheila Avatar

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