Halo Wars Gameplay Trailer

I’m excited about Halo Wars, but I’m worried about the controls. Every single console RTS game I’ve played just hasn’t worked for me, it just seems like a mouse and keyboard are perfect for RTS while game controllers fail miserably. Hopefully Ensemble will get the controls just right because I really want this game to be good, a Halo RTS game is just too radical.

Starcraft 2 Zerg Video / Fact Sheet

I always loved playing as the Zerg, something about beating an opponent by swarming them with tons of units was always fun. I can’t wait to hear “Spawn more overlords” over and over again…Starcraft was super awesome. Also, everytime I see a trailer for Starcraft 2 it looks better and better, I’m giving this game 5/5 Awesome Radicals right now.

Updated with a fact sheet about the Zerg units and a direct feed video (gametrailers posted a bunch of new videos) of some Zerg slaughtering Terran:
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