Music of the Gaming World That Is So Radical Its Awesome

Today we start our gaming music section. Who out there doesn’t love video game music. At this point its ingrained in our memories. Who doesn’t know the Mario music, or the Mortal Kombat theme. Remember when video game music was so repetitive that it would start to give the player a headache? I do. God I hate Video Game Music. SIKE!

Moving on. So as of today there will be a weekly posting of music from video games. The first post is a beautiful rendition of the Gerudo Valley Theme from Zelda: Ocarina of Time a.k.a Zelda 64. Zelda 64 was a classic that everyone should have played. If you haven’t just listen to the song and go buy it and play it (I know this also requires buying a 64, but stop complaining and get one). I remember playing the game and getting to the part where you have to go to the glorious valley and the bridge is out. But wait, Epona is not having that. She was all like “Yah, right, I got legs and I am gonna jump that gap! BOO YAH!” That quote is from the directors version where Epona could talk. Anyway, this version of the song is off the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Hyrule Symphony Soundtrack by Koji Kondo. Enjoy the sounds of sneaking around with a bow trying to take out those annoying Gerudo Thieves.


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