Orcs & Elves

Seriously, this looks like the worst game ever. How long did they work on this for before they decided “You know what, let’s just stop and release it.” I guess the burning quest is if there are, in fact, any orcs and elves in this game, or if the game creators just felt like that name just fit. I don’t care that it’s a mobile phone port, it still sucks.

They used the Doom engine for the game. The Doom engine! I think when the character is getting hit it’s the same sound the guy in Doom made when you got hit. Just thought I should let you know that.


  1. I don’t think so. It’s based off the “Doom RPG” engine, and was originally for cellphones. Any description I’ve read about it doesn’t seem to indicate it’s a port of Eye of the Beholder. The stories are different. In this one, “The game is described as an adventure-RPG, in which the protagonist, a young elf, must retake a Dwarven city from the evil army occupying it.”

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