Secret Playable Character Revealed for Super Mario Galaxy



That’s right, a super hidden second playable character has been revealed for Super Mario Galaxy. The character isn’t playable from the start of the game, and it will take some work to unlock them. Before you can play as the character you have to get all 120 stars. Don’t click if you don’t want to know…

Scans from the strategy guide have appeared, and they reveal that Luigi will be a playable character after gathering all 120 stars. Not…really a big suprise…at all. I mean, if it was Link or something that would be zany, but Luigi? Whatever.

There are differences in how Mario and Luigi play:

“Luigi jumps higher and further, and also runs faster, but has trouble stopping. They each have the same moves, such as the long-jump or backflip, but the difference in their basic jump, running speed, and stopping ability makes completing the game harder.”

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