Gamestop Sucks



That’s right, you heard it here, first. Well, actually, you probably already knew it. All of the Gamestops that I have been in to in recent memory have been wretched hives of scum and villainy. Most are disorganized and dirty and I just generally dread having to go into them to get a game. I hate hearing the loathsome “Would you like to preorder game XYZ, it’s only $5 down.”

However, I was reading this little piece about 7 things Gamestop could do to make themselves un-suck. I don’t know if it’s as easy as 7 steps, but it’s a start. There are a few things I might change about the list, though. Some are the same, some are different. Here’s my list:

1 – Stop Asking Us to Preorder – This is by far the most annoying part about the “Gamestop Experience”. They ask you to preorder major games, as if they won’t have enough in the store on release day. Why was it necessary to ask people to preorder Halo 3 six months before the release date? I know you’re going to have 500 extra copies in the store, why the hell should I preorder it? Why should I have to preorder anything, ever? No other store works the way Gamestop does. Like, imagine if a new movie came out and for six months beforehand Best Buy asked you to preorder the movie everytime you went in the store. They don’t and they still have enough copies, probably because some higer up inside Best Buy has figured out that, based on previous sales trends, you can calculate the expected amount of movies they will sell. However, everyone at Gamestop seems to be retarded and instead places the burden on the consumer to make sure they are informed how much demand there will be beforehand. It’s annoying as hell.

Furthermore, if the game you want isn’t in, your S.O.L. They don’t have a system where an employee can go, put an order in at headquarters, and get a copy in x amount of days. For example, you walk into a Gamestop and want some Atlus game that’s hard to come buy. They should be able to say “Sorry, but we can order you one specifically, when it gets here we’ll call you.” But they don’t, they say “Sorry, I can check some other stores around the area, but if they don’t have it, you’re screwed.” That’s just a sorry way to do business. Small music stores have been doing this for years, if there is a CD you want and it’s not in store, they can order it and call you when it’s in. Why can’t Gamestop do it?

2 – Buy Used Games for More, Sell Them for Less – I’m tired of going into Gamestop, seeing a 3 month old, unpopular, used game selling for $5 less then it’s original retail price. It’s just going to sit on the shelf longer, why not lower it more and get rid of it instead of just sitting on the game forever? Why wouldn’t I just go to eBay and get the game for less?

Also, why anyone sells games to Gamestop is beyond me. On eBay you will always get more money, and it won’t be crappy store credit. They are ripping you off. Stop being used by that trade in system. They’ll buy a game from you for dirt cheap and turn around and resell it for easily double what they paid you, if not more. There are exceptions sometimes, where you can turn in x games to get something free or at a greatly reduced price, as long as you turn in crappy games you wouldn’t be able to sell even on eBay.

3 – Create an Order System For Obscure, Older Games – They should have a system at each store where I can order older or obscure games. The order is placed in a database, goes to some central processing area, and the game is shipped to the store. Once the store gets the game, they call me and I come pick it up, easy as that. They should have games for all the older systems, and take some of the business that eBay is getting. Sure you can find some stuff at their online site, but why not have it in store, as well?

4 – Don’t Sell Open Displays As New – Really no explaination is needed, honestly, this should be illegal. Don’t open a copy, remove the contents, then place it on the shelf as a display and sell it as new. It’s not new, YOU OPENED IT. I don’t care if it hasn’t been played, it’s still used.

Those are my major points. I’d put “Don’t hire idiots” up there, but I’m not sure how to do that. These guys get paid nothing, basically, so you can’t demand any sort of excellence out of them. Maybe if they raised wages…but that is never ever going to happen. They just want slave labor. You can’t test them to make sure they know all video games, ever. I mean, no one does, if someone comes in asking for some crap that is really obscure it’s not too unbelievable to think they might not know about it. How hard is it to explain what system it’s on, really? Now if they are jackasses, that’s another story, I’m just talking about their knowledge of video games.

Also, I would disagree about “Keep publishing Game Informer”. Game Informer is a biased piece of garbage just used as propaganda to try to sell specific games. However, it really doesn’t effect me either way so I didn’t list it.

I think the main problem is they are, in a sense, a monopoly on video games. I’m not saying you can’t go buy Halo 3 at Best Buy or at 10 other different stores, but I am saying you can’t go to Best Buy to get little known, rare games. If Gamestop doesn’t have to compete, then they don’t care. I want to buy Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, if Gamestop doesn’t have it they don’t lose business to anyone else because there is no one else that would have it. However, if another store came along that had a system for providing consumers with rare games then things might change.

Update, March 19th, 2012

Since this, and only this, post seem to be viewed by many people, I’d like to add one more bullet point to the list:

Disc Insurance – Seriously? This is a new one (for me) that they pushed, adding to the litany of other crap they try to get uninformed parents to buy. For around $3 I can get insurance against scratches, something I’ve never once had a problem with (except Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS which I scratched up trying to clean, it was my fault).

Try as I might, somehow, someway, I can’t use Amazon to buy a game and I end up in a Gamestop. For some reason I hope things are better, but they’re always worse.

With U.K. retailer GAME closing stores all over the place, I hope Gamestop is next.

Liz always asks me why it takes 20 minutes to get out of there. Because they try to get you to pre-order everything under the sun, because they try to get you to sign up for PowerUp Rewards Pro, because they want you to buy disc insurance, because there are 3 people working and only one of them is on a register and the lady in front of me is trading in 50 games and a system and the two other people working are trying their hardest to not notice the growing line and refuse to open another register, because its a fucking unorganized shit hole.

Also, I feel bad for the people that have to work there. I mean, not like for the summer, or for a little, or while you’re in college. For the people there for years and years and years. The pay must be horrible. Every time I’m back in Florida I end up at my local Gamestop and there is this older (like, 40-something) guy working there that has been working there for at least 10 years. I recognize him because I see him every single time, he’s always there. Even if he was making a good living, putting up with all the shit that comes with working at a Gamestop must be horrible.





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  1. Allie Avatar

    I think this guys right i fust hate it when you sell a perfectly goo game and they buy it for $3 and then a couple of days later you see it on the shelfs for like $9. GOD

  2. Radical Dude Avatar
    Radical Dude

    Are you sure you can’t get GameStop to Order Games? Also, I hear your complaints but Gamestop looks to the average Video Game Consumer. I wouldn’t say they really go after Hardcore Gamers (Not including Wii Consumers, cus they aren’t Hardcore). The thing is that Gamestop sells to two sets of people, Parents and Usually Teens old enough to have a job to buy games. They also only need to worry about the Major games cus those are what their target consumers are buying. The also hit you with pre order junk because their target consumers don’t know any better, they are not intense gamers. They think they need to pre order to have a chance to get the game. Gamestop also realizes it needs to compete with other stores and wants to grab the consumer and lock them in before the consumer goes to another store. Its basic business knowing that its deal with idiots consumers. When I say idiot I don’t mean it in a mean way, but most consumers don’t think too much about what they are doing. So essentially Gamestop doesn’t care about the nonaverage gamer, just like George Bush Doesn’t care about Kanye West. The thing about it is that they Don’t need to worry about gamers who want older games and better service, because you don’t bring in as much money as the casual gamer.

  3. Mike R Avatar
    Mike R

    These are all valid points, especially about George Bush and Kanye West. Seriously though, preorders are annoying.

  4. Radical Dude Avatar
    Radical Dude

    of course the preorder thing is annoying. It used to be that there were mainly preorders for special edition games and items. Now Gamestop does preorders for everything under the sun. I am going to go in there and demand a preorder of the next mary-kate and ashley game. I swear I will. The thing is that everywhere we shop the person ringing up the items offers the consumer tons of junk. It happens everywhere.

  5. bsg Avatar

    i don’t blame the employees on that one, having worked retail, if the people at the register don’t ask, they get fired.

  6. Radical Dude Avatar
    Radical Dude

    Yah, I don’t really blame the employees at all. Its all management and ownership. They make the regulations for that stuff. Like when I worked at Rhino Games, we couldn’t put our hands in our pockets when we were on the floor. Not that big of a deal but sorta random. I don’t think the people running the show know that parents buying games for their little kids don’t care if my hands are at my side or in my pockets. I mean last time I went to buy a game I saw a sale associate with his hands in his pockets and I turned right around and said I am not buying anything from that slacker.

  7. Anonymous Gamestop grunt Avatar
    Anonymous Gamestop grunt

    I work at a Gamestop and pretty much hate it. But… I’m a full-time student and too lazy to go find a better job. (yet)
    Yeah, it’s an evil corporation. They buy out their main competition and get rid of whatever nice things those others stores offered. They pay minimum wage and usually very few hours, (and the 15% employee discount which doesn’t apply to new systems does not really make up for that) but they know they can get away with it because there are a million kids who come in and grab applications everyday because they think it would be cool to work with video games.
    The pre-oder thing is garbage. How many pre-orders and game informer subscriptions you sell is linked to the amount of few hours you can possibly get. There are pretty much always far more than enough copies available on the big games, but they justify it by saying that the amount of pre-orders they get determines how many they will stock.
    Also, if we manage not to screw up for long enough, we’re allowed the privilege of checking out games for 3 days. This does apply to new games as well, as long as we have more than 3 copies. So yeah, those opened new games? Could have already been played by an employee. (However, at our store, if there are any marks on them at all when you bring them back, you just bought it)
    That all being said… retail will make you hate customers pretty quickly, so you stop having much of a problem with ripping people off. Complaining about the stores being dirty? Yeah, who’s fault is that? I swear, I realize more and more everyday how not-so-far-away from animals we humans are.
    And with the hours each store receives being micro-managed weekly by corporate, we generally are only allowed to stay half an hour after close, and non-management employees rarely ever are scheduled to come in before the store opens. But the district managers will still come in and throw a fit when everything isn’t in alphabetical order or there are fingerprints on the glass.

    /end rant.

  8. Mike R Avatar
    Mike R

    Woah, longest reply, ever. I would give you a prize if I had a prize.

  9. Radical Dude Avatar
    Radical Dude

    whats up with people who own video game stores, why are they so anal?

  10. Another Anonymous GameStop grunt Avatar
    Another Anonymous GameStop grunt

    I agree with Anon up there. I work at GameStop, too. Minimum wage, yet pushed to get reserves/pre-orders and subscriptions? I feel like it’s not worth it to pester every customer to do it. Seriously, how does that reflect how our store does, too? I think GameStop should focus more on what you guys want (considering us employees, too, buy games… hopefully anyway). It’d be awesome if we could order games, too. And, stupidly, only upper management is even able to look up on the computer which store might have the game you’re looking for. Otherwise, we have to call every store. Utter lame.

    I dislike gutting the new games, too, especially if it’s the only copy we have. So you’re basically stuck with an opened “new” game. Even just ugly, generic cases (I despise our cover art) up there in the new section might be better. Given you have a lenient manager, you can check them out, too. I won’t check out a new game, though. I don’t think it’s fair.

    As for GameStop in reality, though, improvement doesn’t seem to be near. But, seriously, employees, or your regular “game advisors,” just work there. Changing all this stuff is out of our control, sadly. We’re pushed to get our numbers in pre-orders and subs, and we don’t even get anything out of it. We just keep our jobs, pretty much.

    What about “Play N Trade”? The one being built here where I live isn’t open yet… But I definitely wanna check it out. Maybe I’ll quit GameStop and work there, haha.

  11. Radical Dude Avatar
    Radical Dude

    Now I understand that there are actually gamestop/eb employees who are normal people and get annoyed with the system of gamestop/eb. What I hate are the employees who think they are the shit because they work at a video game store. What really gets me are those dicks who think they know everything. For example one might go into a store to get a game on the actual release date and the employee argues with you telling you the game isn’t slated for release that day. When he/she is obviously wrong because other stores have the game. Its a small annoyance and I find that it happens at record stores as well. I guess the employees can’t tell the truth and say they don’t know or that as usual the eb/gamestop shipment of the games got messed up.

  12. Another Anonymous GameStop grunt Avatar
    Another Anonymous GameStop grunt

    Radical Dude:

    Haha, yeah, there is us “normal” ones. Yeah, I did think it’d be neat to work with games, but not for the whole, “I’m so cool” factor. I’ve found that usually places you’d think it’d be nice to work at, aren’t so great. I almost feel bad for all the people who apply… But it is an easy job, I’ll admit that. I didn’t think when I first started work that I knew so little about gaming and such… But I’ve learned most of my knowledge about it just from working there. At least I got something out of it. But I won’t act like an ass about it.

    Anyway, the release date thing. In our systems, the “release dates” listed are actually the shipping dates. So we don’t get them ’til the day after. Employees really argued with you about that..? That’s so dumb. It’s simple. Stupid, but simple. The huge title games get to our store on the release date, though. I wonder why they can’t do that for other games. Hm. [Insert curious goatee scratching here.] I think GS/EB should make an effort with all games to get them there on the day we have listed as “release date.” It’s very misleading.

    Another thing… GameStop makes barely any money from new games, so I hear. It pretty much comes from trades/used games. That’s why, like a college book store, they jack the value down when you sell them. [I despise our college book store. Bought back my $65 book for $15. Even GameStop gives more for $60 games. Subliminal advertising here for broke college students: ] Anyways, yep. End rant #2.

  13. Radical Dude Avatar
    Radical Dude

    I remember when I was 18 and looking for a job, I got a job at the local Rhino games. I figured it would be cool. I liked games and knew about games and working with games would be fun. What an idiot I was. While the job wasn’t terrible it did suck ass. The Store was so concerned with perfection and professionalism. This is all ok because there has to be some professionalism, but this was too much. The store was more concerned with how we conducted ourselves rather than our knowledge of games or the people who buy them. The store was more concerned with the employees slightly leaning against the counter or putting out hands in our pockets. Now obviously the store doesn’t want its employees to look sloppy, but as I said this was too much. I spent more time trying to keep displays up and display shelves clean than with selling games.
    Random rant, Moving on

    The release date thing was the same when I was working at Rhino. We would get shipments in the day of. I thought this was retarded. But that is just my opinion. And nothing would annoy me more than the shipments getting messed up. The store deals exclusively in video games, how hard is it to make sure the games are available the day of their release? How hard is it too make sure the shipment arrives on the proper day? And yes, the whole release date and ship date is backassward. Stores need to list the day it will be on the shelves, not the day it is supposed to be shipped.

    How is it that GS/EB don’t make anything off new releases? I understand the trade in stuff because they jack up the price, but new games not making money? hmm. And finally, I totally understand the college book thing. Sell it back for 15 or 20 bones and the bookstore turns around and sells it for 50 to 70. That is if they even decide to take the book back. Oh well.

    note: any spelling or grammar errors are the fault of my fingers, not my brain, plus I am tryin to learn sports law here.

  14. Another Anonymous GameStop Avatar
    Another Anonymous GameStop

    Man, that’s just too extreme. For one, I don’t see the professionalism involved in video games, haha. But I might just be a crazy liberal that thinks people should be allowed to have 5 piercings and rainbow hair when they’re working somewhere. To me, as along as you know what you’re doing and doing a good job where you work, who cares? Anyways, end of random counter-rant.

    Backassward, huh? Lol. Nothing describes it better than that word. A store’s priority is the customer (which sometimes is just stupid), and customers want their games the day it’s supposed to be released.

    And I have no idea, myself. It’s just want my friend/co-worker told me. I can see how they makes so much money off used games, same for college book stores. The priority really isn’t the customer, it would seems… just making money.

    Note: All spelling or grammar errors are hereby forgiven.

  15. Elite Anonymous Avatar
    Elite Anonymous

    Looks like you aren’t the only one that hates GameStop

  16. easy button Avatar
    easy button

    Why won’t gamestop sell AO rated games? They already I.D. People.

  17. Fishcuit Avatar

    ok this the whole reselling opened games part. i just bout red alert 3 for $60 like 3 days ago and the cashier put command and conquer kanes wrath instead and i went back the next day and told them they gave me the wrong game and the manager told me that he couldnt take it back or give me the correct game because he thought i had tampered with it. Instead he offered me 8 bucks for the game. does anyone no if there is anything i can do about this cause right now im out 60 bucks

  18. Blondie4rmGS Avatar

    Hmmm ok. To the former employees of gamestop i would like to say nooffense, as well as the ranter nooffense. I work at gamestop, i do my job. Sorry yes some new games may have been opened and checked out by employees but the reality of the situation is if you dont want it dont buy it. As well for the kid who bought a game that wasnt rightly put inn case you have to understand that the manager was put in a diffacult situation you cant blame him for his judgement call. Wanting more back on your games??? Go to “play n trade” but guess what youll get less. As well that customers that come in and leave outragged about the value on a game “I” cant help you. We ga’s\sga’s dont make the prices nor can we change them. Believe me im not saying gamestop is a saint by far but to be honest help us guys aand girls who work there out. All the points you have made were very valid and true so instead of writing a blog why not write corperate. Seriously not being sarcastic. Want help?

  19. Third Anonymous GameStop grunt Avatar
    Third Anonymous GameStop grunt

    OK.. What you have to realize is that 80% of people who work at gamestop, hate it. Don’t get pissed at us for the price on trade in’s, us basically begging you to get a subscription or reserve.. We are only trying to keep our jobs.. When I joined only a few weeks ago, i didnt care about getting discounts or anything.. Its just a job and i figured it would be easy for me since I am a knowledgeable gamer.. But then i found out that everyone who works there hates it and thinks the company is evil. You can’t even blame the manager for this crap, because its even above him. I just want people to know. It sucks when you have to work on a saturday, theres been a kid playing the Xbox demo for HOURS at full volume, GAMESTOP TV MAKES YOUR EARS BLEED… STFU JENNIFER!!!!… and finally people are getting angry at you for asking them if they want reserves.. i dont care if you reserve the new madden or not…

    /end rant

  20. GameStop Person #4 Avatar
    GameStop Person #4

    Alls I have to say- is that whether anyone likes thier job or not, we still ahve to do it… and I just ask. I don’t twist your arms for a res or a sub. I don’t beat you over the head with it- unless it’s something that can honestly save you money- and quite frankly, I am a fairly nice guy. I have read replies and reviews about how employees hate the job they have at GS- do you not think that this doesn’t show to customers? that customers can’t tell that you don’t care about the day? its no wonder so many employees and customers have such strong opinions about thier expierences. Maybe if someone shows up to work with a better attitude- the customer might respond better to it. Oh well, and no I don’t consider my job the greatest in the world, but I do enjoy my work. Will I be at GS forever, probably not, but until I leave I will do everything in my power to help the customer, even if you just need an ear.

  21. G-Stop4toolong Avatar

    Having worked at gamestop for over 2 years i have been through some ups and downs of employment. No asking you guys to buy something doesn’t bother me, hell not even the little kids who make it their priority to make our store a mess (yeah we have had little kids pee in our store after we advised the parent of a bathroom next door and the parents don’t take the peeing dance serious, i blame parents there).

    Actually if it wasn’t for such a colorful assortment of customers who come in my job would seem a lot more boring (from the know it all gamers who don’t know it all, to parents getting their kids imagine:Babyz when they are still practically babies), it’s the randoms and usuals who keep me coming back week after week.

    So no i am not going to rant about how my job is horrible, because it’s not that bad. What i do hate is dishonesty, which i see nearly every day when customers come in for an honest 360 vs. PS3 comparison.

    Myself i own them both i like to give customers an honest outlook and give them my true thoughts on everything, on another note i was also the only person with a ps3 at my work (60 gig, literally the last new one to ever come to my work i had to buy it).

    So yes everyday i hear the questions asked and the wrong answers given, employess constantly saying how Live service is twice as good, and there is not enough games out for the system. Wake up people the system has quite the opposite going for it (with way more AAA exclusives this year), Live and PSN i consider equal for the most part but give the the edge to PSN due to its zero cost, dedicated servers for true next gen online (16 player p2p online really isn’t cutting it with games like MAG on the horizon and others already supporting 32-60 online as we speak)

    Basically this is my outlook, you get a 360 if your looking for the most cost effective way to jump in to this current gen of gaming (cheapest entrance fee), but keep in mind that nearly everyone who buys an Arcade unit will be back buying the stuff not included ($60-100 for a HDD, rechargeable batteries for $20, and if you need wireless to get internet thats another $100 bucks). Trust me i have worked here for years and it’s always the same pattern of buying it because the initial cost is cheap, until they realize they just spent as much or more than they would have on a ps3.

    The main thing i have seen is that customers don’t dislike ps3 (customers drool over our demo unit way more than 360), it’s just at the time of purchase things seemed cheaper. I am not against 360, where else will you get your fix of Halo 3 or Gears of War on a console, plus there is always things like Fable, Forza, etc (it has exclusive titles that are good is all im saying).

    But on the opposite side of this argument the ps3 exclusive are more consistent and average really good reviews (trust me i will gladly take KZ2, Warhawk, Resistance series, Uncharted series, MGS4, LBP, etc) my point is they have a much better selection of exclusives and as of late have truly gained an edge in graphics.

    So out of the box for a new ps3 you are paying $400 (USD), what you get is the console, 1 DS3 controller w/ battery built in (these batteries are said to last 15 years, $20 on 360 for similar ability), and the console has an 80GB hdd (keep in mind any standard laptop drive fits (500gb avg of $100 or so on newegg), built in wireless (remember that $100 piece), free psn service (yes for LIVE it is $50 a year), and you get a blu ray player.

    Sure you will need to get HD cables if you have a nice HDTV to hook it up to these will run you between $20-80 depending on if your a brand whore. But my point in this writing is that i work with employees who on a regular basis can tell you absolutely nothing about the ps3, yet feel they are knowledgeable enough to guide consumers into blind purchases.

    The most shocking thing is how dumbed they are about the AAA titles coming out for ps3 (literally at a store meeting 2 weeks ago not one person could tell me what Heavy Rain was when we were discussing good reserve titles). So i come here as an honest employee who on a daily basis is thanked by customers for not letting them make a stupid purchase (seriously get used if your unsure, because as much as we all like a sealed game, a shitty game is worse and buying new will only make sure you are stuck with that dribble).

    I don’t lie, i will tell a consumer Onechambara sucks and it is a horrible game released over seas years ago. So basically i thought i was going to be the only dual supporter of both consoles for a long time more, well we hired someone new and sure enough he loves ps3 and is the first employee not totally inept to questions regarding it. Please if your an employee don’t just follow the crowd and hate on ps3 because your a fan of it’s competition (and vice versa with 360).

    Oh and if you read this looking for insight on your purchase let me make it simple, if you want to play online with the 360 get the pro model. You will get what you need, a 60gb hdd, hd cables, headset, and if you want wireless you will need the wireless network adapter ($70-100 used or new).

    With your ps3 the only thing you may need is HD cables (but not everyone has an HDTV, not nearly). So thanks to those who read my little rant about the idiots i work with, and now i’m going to go to another meeting this morning and see how much more crap i hear them recommend as reserves lol. Oh and if no one realized this i made all those comparisons without the mention of home which is cool, and why blu-ray kicks ass. Thanks again

  22. Mike Avatar

    G-Stop4toolong, if I could give you an award for longest post, I would totally give it to you. Some good points about the Xbox vs. PS3, Xbox really is annoying because you’re going to have to buy all sorts of accessories you wouldn’t have to buy with the PS3. Wireless was the most annoying for me, you can get around it though if you have an old router lying around and some time:

    I did that and it works, it’s insane to have to spend $100 for a network adapter. And I refuse to buy a bigger HD, Microsoft overprices them far too much.

    Does the PSN really have dedicated servers for games?

  23. Andrei Avatar

    Although, I find some things at GameStop a bit annoying (asking to reserve games, giving little $$ for trade ins), I’m not as pissed as some of you guys.
    I’m not surprised that employees hate their jobs at GS. I’d be annoyed too if I had to hear those TV ads all day or have some kid play the Guitar Hero demo all day (my friend used to do that….).

  24. Lived in Japan Avatar
    Lived in Japan

    Gosh… American game stores need to learn from Japanese game stores. Every box on the floor is just a generic box with a copy of game cover art (All sides). You bring that box to the front and if you buy a new game, you get it brand new, unopened, zero problems. You buy a used game, if it had a generic box, then the used copy you bought comes with a box. Otherwise, the game will be a clear security box.

    Used games stay up in price far longer, but they also give you better prices. If you get a new game that retails at $60, you can sell it for at lest $45, maybe more if it’s really popular.

    I hate walking into game stores here and seeing generic boxes with a title printed on it. It’s hard to find a used game if you want it… plus you know you won’t be getting the box.

  25. Radical Dude Avatar
    Radical Dude

    I found that confusing, but right on. Japan Rules. Japan also probably cares about game more than americans do. Too bad for us americans that love games.

  26. KINGKONG Avatar

    I obsolutely hate the gamestop it is so damn suck .this store is the most suck store i never get in to it anymore .the empolyee is a son of the bitch
    and the manager too.they thrick the kids to go there buy the ugly games.
    i hate gamestop because one day i want to sell the ps3 game and the
    empolyer rely me that the game only worth 1 or 2 dollars for each game
    then i was thinking about his mind is getting lost or crazy something the original price for those ps3 game is still 49.99 dollars each but he only give me total 14.00 bucks for the storecreit this is so garbage.then i ask for
    cash he say 10.00 i am so angry that they trick people like this
    fucking idiot and i say i dont sell it .then the bitch empolyer with the shit attitude dick face


    It just took me about an hour to read all of these comments about gamestop….

    my reply….

    I DONT HATE MY JOB but gamestop has tons of faults

    i notice SHITLOADS of people who just want to get there game and FUCKING GO but i have to ask them about RESERVES

    AND the people who dont have an edge card and already know about it and look at you like SHUT THE FUCK UP KID!

    ABout the trade in stuff…..

    i work there and i have never traded in a single thing!

    reserves…… i have MODERN WARFARE TWO just because i cant wait

    but even though WE have to rant you about shit,

    it is an AIR CONDITIONED job for one

    And if anyone out there is looking to go into sales or public speaking or business

    then you might learn alot just from normal store operations

    i suck it up and just do it because im actually gaining expeirience….

    dont hate on THE 90% of employees that


    tell corporate, HEY YOU MIGHT GET ME A RAISE

  28. Big Daddy Avatar
    Big Daddy

    Ok, it’s like this right here. I’m laying it out there so everybody can agree. First, Gamestop is supposed to be the gaming authority. Yet, 90% of employees/managers there have no idea about anything gaming related a year ago or farther back. Second, Game Informer SUCKS! It is the worst gaming magazine ever published….yet popular b/c of the discount given at Gamestop. Third, ALL of the used systems I have ever bought are dirty. Seriously, I just bought a Gameboy Advance SP this week and it looked like it was dug out of the ground. If you are going to offer almost nothing for trade-ins and skyrocket the resale price AT LEAST CLEAN THE SHIT FIRST! Fourth, your stores are too small. Seriously, you can’t afford a few extra bucks per store to get decent floorspace? Yes, the pre-order beggings are annoying but understandable. Same thing happens when I eat from McDonald’s. Oddly enough at lunchtime they have enough copies of Big Mac too, no preorder needed people.
    Finally, this is a big pet peeve. Sell all games, not just the newest thing. That’s what Target, Best Buy and WalMart are for. Parents and snot nosed kids who don’t know any better. The real gamers of the world would LOVE a store that carried everything they have sold in the past.
    You guys promote and sell it, then when we buy it we walk in one day to find that you guys act as though the system never existed.

    For those of you who agree…fear not. I am working on building a small gaming store chain in Virginia and hopefully other states soon. A gaming chain that won’t sell out to Gamestop. Let us not forget the best entertainment of all. The nerdy employee conversations when we walk in. Bet these dorks have real luck with the ladies!

  29. mr.exclesiour Avatar

    The 2 things I hate about gamestop is the employees stupidity and the trade in value. For example, I bought sonic the hedgehog for my 360 2 days after it came out for 60$ I realize its crap and trade it in to gamestop and get 15$. that was 2 years ago and I’m still getting crap trade ins. Moving along. The employees there sound on the phone like there smoking weed and/or could care less if you got run over by a bus. You walk in the store and you would expect them to have a I really wish I weren’t here right now/ I hate my life poster above their heads. They don’t seem interested at anything I have to say, and when I’m ready to do trade-ins it is so annoying asking about pre orders and then telling me the low price they pay. I have been forced to put up with this crap forever just because I’m too young for an eBay account and I don’t have a drivers license and/or car. I hope eventually best buy will start doing trade ins instead.

  30. FUCKED Avatar

    I was a store manager at Moviestop , I was hired as a manager in April of 2008 and left my position at Blockbuster to do so, within 6 six months I became an Assistant Store Manager. That holiday season our store with much hard work became one of the top in the company. That February I was offered the position of Store Manager, even though I was A.S.M I had no store management training. At that point I had a good amount of experience when it came to the relationship with my Area Manager Miss R.. That first week I had little or no contact with Miss R. and was never fully or any bit trained most of the store management procedures. I did what I could and called to different store. And taught myself everything I could in order to get things done. I may be heard about once a week if that from Miss R. and that would be her calling me. When I really needed help she was very unreliable, never fully responding to any phone or email messages. For the first couple mouth whole getting the swing of thing fully on my own, I work over sixty hours every week keeping the store at the top.
    With keeping the store at the best level possible. I did not receive any over time since I was salaried being a store manager. Mean while within my whole Moviestop career I had always done many extracurricular work, mostly off the clock. I had designed and managed our very own MySpace page; I had created my own signature flyers, also started cross promotion with other stores such as Bad Apple Comics, Regal Cinemas, and AMC Theaters. Another thing that carried over was that I worked the convention scene handing out flyers and such. With these cross promotions at conventions I also took to opportunity to work with Bad Apple Comics and Discotek Unit. All and all the conventions that’s I worked at were the Anime Festival of Orlando , Megacon , FX show and Metrocon I course kept track of this I sent weekly emails to Miss R.
    That May I had not used any vacations hours and my Area Manager Miss R. informed me that I should used most if them and take a week off, I did but ended coming in off the clock two days to fulfill my management duties. Since I was the only one that can do them and Miss R.would not find someone to cover that would or do so herself. I still had about 20 hrs of vacation days and also never used any sick days. Miss R. had still never given me any training and had never established any guidelines of any kind when it came to working in store hour requirement.
    So when I came in on June 26th I was surprised when she had informed me that I was working under my hours also was allegedly falsifying my time sheets and had to turn in my keys. The timesheets included my in store worked hours as well as my outside marketing hours. I had been not only doing cross promotion but preparation plans for our upcoming midnight release parties, costumes flyers, video for viral marketing. She told me she had viewed the dvr and I was only working about 35 hrs and not meeting the 44 hr requirements, I was in complete shock, I had never ever heard of a 44 hr requirement. She always recommended that we all do bout10 to 15 hrs of outside marketing; it was even a main priority on our conference calls.
    Lastly every end of the week I while working under Miss R. I sent emails of the timesheets along with lists of all my projects and tasks I had been working on. So she was fully aware of my over achievements, as well as any possible discrepancies that she never took responsibility to advise me. Also being a Store Manager meant that I was salaried, my hours didn’t count as I was informed by Miss R. when I asked her about my over time when I first took on the position.

  31. gamestop RULZ Avatar
    gamestop RULZ

    Fuckin’ GameStop. The higher up the chain of command, the exponentially gayer it gets.

    “Make sure your customers pre-order MAG because it’s awesome to pay $60 for a weak-ass COD ripoff when you could wait a month and instead buy Bad Company.”

    So goddamn retarded.

    “Reserve Red Steel 2, because we promise it will be good, just like we promised the first Red Steel would be good!”

    I’ve been an SGA in this shithole for almost 2 years, and the amount of bullshit to deal with from the higher-ups at this job really is just astounding. They expect 10%+ pre-orders (meaning that out of 100 transactions, 10 need to include a pre-order), when the only 2 “mainstream” games coming out in the next three months that are worth a fuck are Red Dead and Splinter Cell. They’re insane.

    Fuck the corporate GameStop machine. Every employee above the SM level should burn in hell.

  32. guest Avatar

    ive bought 4 mother fucking games from the assholes at gamestop and they all got scrached with out even taking them out of the fucking system and now they are fucking broken GAME STOP SUCKS MOTHER FUCKING DICK

  33. MadGSwife Avatar

    I want to first say that I HATE gamestop. Then I would like to inform you that I am a store managers wife.
    1. I would like to tell you about preordering. These guys can lose their jobs over not getting enough preorders. How stupid is that? They are called reserves. Every week there is a conference call talking about who is ahead in reserves and subs. Subs meaning subscribtions to that game informer magazine that you get when you get their edge card. There is actually a certain percentage that they have to stay above or else they could lose their job or if it only happens occasionally they get reemed by their district managers.
    This is kinda on a different subject but they also have this survey that they must tell you to take. All they can tell you is that you can win $500 for gamestop but what they can't tell you is how important it is for you to take the survey for them to keep their job. My husband can only get 2% of his customers to take the stupid thing and so his district manager wrote him up for it. How in the world is he supposed to control who takes a stupid survey? I have been saving up all of my receipts that have surveys on them so that one day i can just throw them at him or something…. Idk I'm pissed off. I just want to show him how many companies want ppl to fill out those things. The only time I do is when I get something instantly as in JCPenney giving me 15% off my next purchase just for doing it. With gamestops survey its a needle in a haystack when it comes to who actually gets the money. Now after you take all of that into account. Who do you think is more likely to take the survey? Someone who comes in all the time because they like the service or some one who had a really bad experience? I think its going to be the ppl who have bad experiences thus bringing down a section which is called the Net Promoter. This is basically the stores customer service section.
    2. I absolutely agree with #2. I did business with gamestop before my husband and I ever started dating and I thought that they were shady. I sold my ps2 to them and got $20 but they sold ps2s for $90. That is a $70 profit for them.
    3. I like your idea here. I would spend more money if I could buy games for my child who plays v-smile. That is a gaming system. It has games. Why can't there be a way to buy them there? I don't want to buy new ones all the time.
    4. This thing about opened games being sold as new is WORSE than you think. If you want a new game from gamestop you need to ask for one that hasn't been opened. Make up an excuse about it being a gift for someone who will freak out if it isn't in the plastic wrap because gamestop employees are allowed to borrow out games. So if something new comes in they can open it and take it home for “4” days and play it themselves. Then it still gets sold as new. So you really did just pay the new price for a game that had been used.

  34. MadGSwife Avatar

    I want to first say that I HATE gamestop. Then I would like to inform you that I am a store managers wife. rn1. I would like to tell you about preordering. These guys can lose their jobs over not getting enough preorders. How stupid is that? They are called reserves. Every week there is a conference call talking about who is ahead in reserves and subs. Subs meaning subscribtions to that game informer magazine that you get when you get their edge card. There is actually a certain percentage that they have to stay above or else they could lose their job or if it only happens occasionally they get reemed by their district managers.rnThis is kinda on a different subject but they also have this survey that they must tell you to take. All they can tell you is that you can win $500 for gamestop but what they can’t tell you is how important it is for you to take the survey for them to keep their job. My husband can only get 2% of his customers to take the stupid thing and so his district manager wrote him up for it. How in the world is he supposed to control who takes a stupid survey? I have been saving up all of my receipts that have surveys on them so that one day i can just throw them at him or something…. Idk I’m pissed off. I just want to show him how many companies want ppl to fill out those things. The only time I do is when I get something instantly as in JCPenney giving me 15% off my next purchase just for doing it. With gamestops survey its a needle in a haystack when it comes to who actually gets the money. Now after you take all of that into account. Who do you think is more likely to take the survey? Someone who comes in all the time because they like the service or some one who had a really bad experience? I think its going to be the ppl who have bad experiences thus bringing down a section which is called the Net Promoter. This is basically the stores customer service section. rn2. I absolutely agree with #2. I did business with gamestop before my husband and I ever started dating and I thought that they were shady. I sold my ps2 to them and got $20 but they sold ps2s for $90. That is a $70 profit for them.rn3. I like your idea here. I would spend more money if I could buy games for my child who plays v-smile. That is a gaming system. It has games. Why can’t there be a way to buy them there? I don’t want to buy new ones all the time. rn4. This thing about opened games being sold as new is WORSE than you think. If you want a new game from gamestop you need to ask for one that hasn’t been opened. Make up an excuse about it being a gift for someone who will freak out if it isn’t in the plastic wrap because gamestop employees are allowed to borrow out games. So if something new comes in they can open it and take it home for “4” days and play it themselves. Then it still gets sold as new. So you really did just pay the new price for a game that had been used.

  35. gstopemployeewhohatesgames Avatar

    Ok 1, they ask for preorders so the company knows how popular a certain game is at that store. If they get 1 preorder on the game they dont need to send 50 copies…. If that store gets 40 preoders they know to send 50… Across the SAME TOWN it could be different their customer base might think that same game is shitty and thus the store does not need 50 copies (IT HAPPENS). 2. Buy used games if you want full credit back within 7 days. In the past GameStop was sued in New Orleans for selling “used games” as new. Their return policy on new games was a lot more relaxed and they got burned for it. Now if you buy new you have to trade it in, but used can be resold as a used game and therefore you get full value back within the 7 day period. Trades you must understand usually trade in for a lot less because GameStop has tons of copies of shit. So by the time we sell YOUR COPY the one they paid you 20 bucks for might not get sold till its worth 14.99 used. Again IT HAPPENS!!! 3. Order system for rare titles doesnt work. All its good for is a filling a drawer full of shit people never come to pick up. Its not cost efficient and you can blame the other customers who cant even pick up what they wanted. Finally the easiest of all STOP STEALING OUR SHIT IF YOU WANT UNOPENED GAMES!!!!!!!!!

  36. gstopemployeewhohatesgames Avatar

    how did all 4 get scratch without taking them out of the system? do 360s now hold 4 discs at a time…… interesting… quit moving your 360 while the disc or discs are inside

  37. Hailron Avatar

    First off managment really gets on our ass when we don’t ask people to pre order games. Pre ordering games helps the store figure out how much they should order, and helps prevent instances where we get complaints form customers about not having enough copies. Oh your upset that we don’t have any more kinects? Did you reserve one? There you go.

    Second we only sell opened floor models as a last resort. Seeing as we can’t keep games on the floor as they would get stolen, we are required to gut x number of games and keep the games in the back. Not only are you still getting a game that has never been played or open, in most cases you are getting a freebie with our return policy where you can return it within seven days no matter what seeing as the case is already open.

    As for the money off of old games and selling them high…..where are you going to find a better offer? Amazon? Go buy there and stop bitching

  38. Achillesusa Avatar

    Obviously, you do not understand the business model of Fortune 500 retailers. GameStop owns the video game share market because it sells a game before coming out (due to reservations) plus now they give you something extra (extra map, weapon, etc.) just for helping them out.

    And when it comes to Used Sales – take a look at the car business – it’s the same thing…that’s business 101.

    I’m an avid gamer and actually think logically unlike our Republican friends on here who have posted.

  39. Bob2 Avatar

    You are not a smart lady. Obviously if you are husband is doing his job correctly then you don’t have to worry about anything. That’s the business around the world.

  40. Mammoth_42 Avatar

    they just tried to give me 40 bucks for a xbox 360 premium in perfect condition… I agree they suck

  41. Mikey G Avatar
    Mikey G

    You know I’m seeing more and more used and much less in new condition. But even what they call new still look somewhat used. The price tags are extremely hard to take off the cover and leave marks and bits of the tag on my treasured otherwise handsome game titles. Why do they have to do it that way?????

    I had traded about 4 PS2 & 12 DS titles in last week. All of them were in mint condition with original cases, instructions, additional plastic cases, and a beautiful deluxe vinyl case which can hold a massive amount of DS and GBA games.

    Also, I threw in about 5 brand new looking strategy guides! They were willing to give me either 30 in cash or 60 credit!! I chose the latter. I feel like about the biggest fool on the planet!!! I suppose you live and learn. I really should have learned when they gave only 40 bucks for a like new 1 year old PSP 1000 around 3 years ago. I must end on a positive note, though. The female clerk who had checked me out was very extremely friendly and seemed to have a great knowledge of the business.

  42. Charliebrown0622 Avatar

    I love game I took the survey and said they did great!

  43. Chris17cox Avatar

    i hate GAMESTOP

  44. Chris17cox Avatar

    I traded arkham asylum, call of duty world at war, and resident evil 5 and they tried to give me 11 bucks

  45. Jrdmcknz Avatar

    the GAME is not used until played. no matter what a new game would be out of the case at one point before someone buys it.

  46. JOSHSMITH Avatar


  47. my ass Avatar
    my ass

    i pre order eslution map like the fool i was and the when it came apparently you need an email for a code i didnt get to play on the maps for 2 weeks cause gamestop suck donkey balls!

  48. FuckUGamestop Avatar

    Gamestop is a fuckin waste of gasoline,time,and $$$$$!!!!! for example: Sis:oh can i buy this god of war 3… cashier:show me your id Sis:oh i didn’t bring mine sooo u want me 2 goo 20miles just to get my id because my brother’s b-day is 2morrow and he is turning 19 cashier:oh then buyy him a gift card(waste of time,money and gasoline for those useless shit) I’m fuckin tired of u fuckin gay holez i played the demo of God of war 3 and noo one stopped me sooo you guys are lame as fuck GO 2 HELL FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh BTW i bet u guys let a 9year old kid buy a rated E10+ game without telling them 2 show their dicks

  49. Anonymous Avatar

     I’d also say your high school education was a waste of gasoline (bus driver), time (teachers), and $$$$$$!!!!!! (as in, the money you paid your friends to associate with you)

  50. Anonymous Avatar

    no, you’ll bitch because you’re a neanderthal (go ahead and look that word up) and because you think caps lock is auto-cruise control.  Chill out, dipshit. 

  51. Anonymous Avatar

    I was going to respond to the original poster’s blog but I think your comment is way worse… first of all, being a wife of a Store Manager and then coming onto a blog that says Gamestop Sucks?  Seriously?  Could you be more of a poor excuse for a wife?  Please…  anyway onto your little diatribe of nonsense.  And i guess this can go to the original poster as well.

    1.Stop acting like you’re the voice for every customer that shops at Gamestop.  Customers don’t preorder games because the employees harass the customer and if they do then they’re doing it wrong. The Gamestop I go to, every employee is excited about a particular title and if you share their excitement then why not pre-order a game you’re going to buy anyway.  Stop being a snobby little bitch and think you can get it day one because they get a million copies. They don’t. Next!

    2. Obviously neither of you are business majors so you don’t really get the pleasure in hearing how retarded you sound.  But I do, and thats an amazing feeling.  Anyway, do you think that developers such as Activision, EA, Microsoft, and Sony just make these games for free?  Where in the world do they get all that money from?  Money trees?  Oh that’s right, they get it from retailers that sell their games, i.e. Gamestop.  Anyway the point I’m making here to you two troglodytes is that Gamestop makes little to no money on new product.  Which is why in order for you to be able to pick up that new game you didn’t bother preordering, they have to sell some used games.  Don’t like the price?  Then yes go to Ebay or Amazon where you can be charged an outrageous amount for shipping.  Trade-in prices got you down?  Not sure how long you and your husband have been married (hopefully not long) but if the PS2’s sold for 90$ then the trade in value wasn’t 20.  You might want to rethink that.  You’re not smart enough to complain about profit margins.  If you were, you wouldn’t have mentioned anything about that at all.

    3. You’ve got a child?  You procreated?  Sigh…  anyway Gamestop will not sell V-Smile games because yes its a game but its not a popular system and isn’t recognized as a next-gen entertainment system.  I believe the original poster was talking about the old school Nintendo, Super NES, etc.  I challenge you with this, go into your gamestop next time and try to map out where you would like those sections on the wall.  Just walk in and talk to the manager on duty and let him know you’d like to rearrange his store with no experience in both marketing or interior decorating.  See how far that gets you.

    4. This post should be illegal… anyway a game has to be gutted and placed on the floor to display that they have the game in stock.  And yes if that’s such a huge ordeal for you to get past, you can ask for a sealed copy from another location, which is rather bizarre seeing as how you’re now wasting gas to satisfy your OCD.  And yes that’s what it is.  Clearly there is logic to displaying a game on the sales wall.  You’re just not seeing it for whatever reason.  The Gamestop that I frequent doesn’t allow the checking out of brand new games for any purpose.  Maybe the ones you go to should start enforcing that policy.

    Anyway, I believe that about wraps it up.  To you, the original poster, I really hope you get smart enough to make an actual informed decision for yourself instead of just adopting someone else’s opinion and calling it your own because you made a few “changes” to some list you read.  Maybe Gamestop isn’t the problem, maybe it’s the way you make mountains out of mole hills and exaggerate encounters in the store to massive proportions just to be more dramatic.  Cut it out.  Its not working and its making you look like an elitist tool who only plays games because they’re rare and hard to find.  Which I have no doubt that you are anyway.  Fix it.  Then again, this was 3 years ago… so maybe you’re better.

    To the Gamestop wife that is mad over something she never really expressed, get over it.  You’re a failure of a wife and probably not that good of a mother, either.  Then again, this was 3 years ago… so maybe you’re divorced.

    Either way, stop trying to sound important (this is to both of you) or that you’re well versed in all things Gamestop.  Neither of you are, and it really irritates the shit out of me to see people post things like “Gamestop Sucks” and then their reasoning is so played out and ridiculous.

  52. Anonymous Avatar

    Did you preorder a dictionary, too? 

  53. Anonymous Avatar

    The system sells for 139.99.  Price drop = trade-in credit drop.  Profit margins.  Look it up. 

  54. Raysy Avatar

    To Anonymous above:

    Any way you slice it, selling a game as new when it has already opened is just false advertising. Do you see any other retail chains that do this? The only reason why Gamestop is able to get away with it is that people such as yourself have learned to accept it.

    If Gamestop charges a refurb fee for trade-ins just because they see a light blemish on the game being traded-in, even when the person tells them that it is new just without the wrapping, do you think the Gamestop employee would believe them? I highly doubt that. Well it’s the same principle the other way around. How does the customer know you are being given a game that really has never been played with? The employees could have taken it home, played it, then brought it back.

    Apparently the customer is always right has lost it’s appeal.

  55. Amkickstand Avatar

     Yes, I see the car industry doing the same thing. Only difference is that they allow test drives of their ‘new’ car…GameStop doesn’t.

  56. Kenneyjeffery1983 Avatar

    I got a new players card the guy gave me the wrong card so i went back they told me to call the number and they told me to go to the store cause they cant do anything about it i asked for a supervisor they put me on hold then told me ther was no sup what the hell

  57. GAMESTOPSUCKS!!!! Avatar

    I agree dude GameStop SUCKS!!!! i have had too many Bad encounters with them i don’t even go into their store without wearing at least some sort of disease mask. cause who knows you might catch their Retardation or something. thats not all i sold at least 6 games and a system well over $120 bucks and they probably sold it for TWICE that. thats why i will NEVER go to gamestop again.

  58. Geninoe Avatar

    agreed, only go there when i get a gift card from one of my daft family members that fall prey to their annoying ads. i went to turn a game into them after i sold my 360 and they offered 15 dollars for dead space 2. and 30 dollars total for all of my games. i went across the street to best buy and dead space went up to25 dollars. not to mention everything costs less at best buy. game stop is for stupid moms who dont understand anything about video games to go buy their children cooking mama and bullcrap to babysit their kids so they dont have to take care of them. so they deserve the annoying overpriced garbage they get.

  59. Ryderfool Avatar

    I work at gamestop and I can tell you right now that the reason for pre ordering games has NOTHING to do with having enough copies. For every pre order gamestop gets, it is pure profit untill the release date of that game. Also the 2 biggest things that make the stock in that company go up are pre orders and the memberships, and that is all that Gamestop cares about.

  60. Laughtomuch1997 Avatar


  61. Former customer Avatar
    Former customer

    I don’t mind when they ask me if I would like to pre-order something… once. But I stopped going to Gamestop because I don’t like being NAGGED constantly. If I make it clear that I, as a rule, never pre-order anything, don’t continue to throw out names of upcoming games and keep asking me “are you sure?” And definitely don’t keep doing it each time I come in after you’ve made it clear that you recognize me from before. That will just succeed in making your customer so uncomfortable that they will ever shop there again.

  62. Lmaoomglol Avatar

    They gave me a broken game to me yesterday! I came back and the doors were already closed,and through that glass I could see the guy who sold me the game laughing. DAMN YOU FUCKING GAME STOP!!!!!! 

  63. Fifh89 Avatar

    Gamestop=crooked business…
    too many instances to mention, first that come to mind:
    Black Ops $55CAD 8 months after release, BFBC2 marked up 300% from trade in value(July ’11), failed to acknowledge that Fallout New Vegas was a software problem native to all discs at release date and refused to give full refund…and the final straw for me personally, was how when i used to buy a used game that i couldn’t get into, i’d bring it back in a couple of days for store credit and that has apparently ceased, which cost them an additional $20 today as I had my mind set on picking up two games.  Fuck gamestop forever.  Shop Kijiji/Craig’s List/EBay/Amazon.

  64. HaloRules Avatar

    The Gamestop I go to is awesome, even though I got 2.67 on a 2010 game. You guys shouldn’t get angry at all Gamestops, just yours.

  65. Fifh89 Avatar

    Trolll fail

  66. >:C Avatar

    Ugh. You Gamestop haters are duuuumb. Plain and Simple. Reserves DIRECTLY impact how many copies they’re are allocated. Think about it this way, If you’re stoked for a game coming out, and there is a super-sick pre-order bonus, like special items, maps, guns, ect., wouldn’t you be kinda pissed if they DIDN’T offer you the pre-order? Also, won’t you be pissed if you just drove to your closest Gamestop and they didn’t have any copies of your game for you? Oh, You dont want to wait a week for them to send it to your closest store? OH NOES :C  As far as prices of pre-owned games, there are many factors that contribute. The most heavily weighed ones are how many copies the company moves, how many trade ins of the particular title the company has on hand, ect ect. Take Brink, its been out for like two months now? It sells for 34.99.
    And of course you dont get much for RE5, or your broke ass copy of GTA4, and your raggedy ass NBA and Madden. Theyre sports games. They come out EVERY YEAR. There are A BILLION of them floating around. All things considered, if you STILL don’t like it, just remember.. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO TRADE YOUR GAMES IN.

  67. >:C Avatar

    Are you retarted?
    Thats not gamestop. Thats the ESRB. The Entertainment Software Rating Board.
    And PS..
    THATS A LAW. EVERYWHERE. You HAVE TO BE 17 or OVER to purchase an M rated game. All other ratings (other than AO, Which most retailers do not even carry) an ID is not required to purchase that particular game. Also.. what the hell are you doing driving without an ID?

  68. >:C Avatar

    Pre-orders are actually like frozen assets. The company doesnt collect until the customer picks up their game or uses the credit to purchase something else. If the customer never uses the credit, the company sends them an email containing a code for a print out redeemable gift card to use at a later date, and even then, the money is still not considered profit.

  69. >:C Avatar

    The games have never been played, it is against company policy to check out new games. For your pre owned trade ins, we have guide lines we follow. Would YOU want a game with blemishes on it?

  70. Fifh89 Avatar

    dick likr

  71. Fifh89 Avatar

    dick likr

  72. Dissapointed Shopper Avatar
    Dissapointed Shopper

     I hate going to Game Stop.  Not because they ask you for preorders, or other things, but because they do not take “No thank you.” for an answer.  They continue to push saying “Are you sure?  Because you can save money if you… etc.”  So I go to Game Stop, and preorder one game a year on average, and I always pay it off up front, so I can walk in and leave when it is releasesd.   So I preorder Catherine Special Edition, 3 months in advance.  I order it for 360, and even double check that it is for 360 before I leave.  I double check because that is the responsible thing to do.  The responsibility to know what you are buying falls to the customer.  I have the preorder receipt in front of me right now, and it it says “Catherine Special Edition 360”.  So what do I find when I arrive at Game Stop to pick up my copy?  A copy of regular, non-special edition Catherine for the PS3 reserved to my name.  I inform them that I do not own a PS3, and cannot use this.  I show them my preorder reciept, and the only answer I am given is “Were sorry.  We have to see if we can get another copy for you since we do not have any extras.”  I ask “How long will that take?”  “One to two weeks” is my answer.  I am sorry, but that is unacceptable.  When a buisness cannot honor its promises in a timely fashion, or correctly process it orders, then it deserves scrutiny.  I understand that mistakes happen, but that does not dismiss a mistake when it does occur.  However I take a personal responsibilty in this too.  I have had this exact same problem happen to me twice in the past, and still I placed the preorder.  I should have known better, when you consider that I have only preordered 5 games form Game Stop.  I should have know that this happens often enough that it should be a valid concern when shopping at this retailer.  I have learned my lesson now, and I will not be repeating this mistake again.  3rd time is a charm I guess. 

  73. Conorman6000 Avatar

    this realy sucks about game stop. they would have gave me a pre owned halo reach for a pre owned crysis 2 but they wouldnt give me a pre owned halo reach for a crysis 2 i bought brand new less than a week ago from them i even had thr fliping receit

  74. Connorman6000 Avatar

    hey ryderfool please tell me why they have a gutar hero wired controler for sale on their website but when i go to get it their store polocy is that all gamstops are not allowed to sell wired gutar hero controllers anywhere

  75. Littlelizard7 Avatar

    it does not suck they ask hat because they have to plus there sell buy is a reasonable system. the world doesn’t revolve around you

  76. Littlelizard7 Avatar

    oh and also think like this you order some food then you sit down. 10 minuets later you’re foods ready. you get up there. its gone you ask the lady serving. “were is my food?” she responds it gone you didn’t reserve it.

  77. Littlelizard7 Avatar

    you cant hate gamestop for one person messing up facist

  78. Seraphaim666 Avatar

    dont ya know, the dude (ceo) of gamestop sucked my cock last night until it bled.

  79. Crooksmichael3 Avatar

    Sadly this is something that needs to be read by everyone and the realities of Gamestop. I was a former employee from the late 2001-2004 era and what you have described from ’07 was and still true for then and now. Mind you we still had PS2 and Xbox as the highest point in its life and games everywhere. They were still dealing in old SNES games as well as classic Gameboy games, PS1 and even Nintendo 64. What I bet you don’t know is the compnay does have a massive computer system in place that somehow takes into account how many used games they should be holding and what titles it thinks each store should hold. There were times were I was sending the only copy of a game to a store out in places like Ohio or Montana or even New Mexico. Where as the store I was working at sat and i mean SAT on well over 900 yes that’s right 900 copies of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for no reason other then the fact that the computer system thought it was a good idea and the price used on that game dropped like a stone with every passing day.  As for its employees at the time I worked many of which were gamers and loved the games both new and old. The very few times I’ve gone in these days the “kids” or older twenty year olds that’s haven’t finished community college really aren’t that intersted in gamers or the people who play them.  As for the company itself the higher ups and I am talking about District to Regional Managers and up haven’t a clue anymore the crap I had to go through in the form of parents complaining about not having the latest game or why the game being traded in was for so much less. And after trying to explain to them that the game looses its value by the company standards after a month at best. And try telling that to all the Madden fans they get so very angry every year when they want the newest copy. They don’t care. All they care about is why the store and its emplyee’s don’t have a million reservations for games that they think are going to be hits. Case in point 2002-2004 Halo 2 was the the second coming of Xbox and the had to push the realse date back so many times the Reginal mangers said “We have to cut back on hours and money” in other words our cash cow didn’t come in and were making you people work harder but with no real value in it for you. I will go on record and say this the store I worked for had four managers and I was its assitant manager. OF the four three were good at thier jobs the fourth was a chain smoking long haired, redneck who was also mssing a few teeth and a pain in the ass. The Regonal Manager was a woman so out of tocuh that the FEW vistis she did make all she could complain about was why we weren’t rushing the customers with reservations and asking them if they had anything to trade in. And last I heard she still is a reginal manager and trying so very hard to make her Region number one within the company so she can go farther. So far in fact she would do anything to fire people and replace them with others who would do her bidding. Sorry this has become a rant but this needs to be heard and it needs to be said. Gamestop is wrong and furthermore if you invest in its employees then they could be better. Just my two cents.

  80. Cooler1083 Avatar

    gamestop are jews look at the diff between them and bestbuy

  81. Chalklines223 Avatar

    Game stop is just another big corp. trying to step on the little guys have their employes stink from not Leaving the bean bag chair they sit on to play their games all night. If you ask one of them a question they scoff at you and expect youy to already know . So basically thier customer service sucks they charge to much and they reek….Blah

  82. Sbfkisb Avatar

    I work at Gamestop and I think it sucks I agree about the Pre-Order bull shit, it does even fucking matter if you pre-order or not if you don’t come by end of business day your copy is sold. I have been told this by my SM and my RM to pretty much fuck the pre-order people and just sell to whom ever gets there first. Please stop shopping at Gamestop and purchasing $30 games for $60. Plus about the display models, we should atleast give some sort of discount, but we don’t. Prove me wrong you little fucking bitch Manager at store 4026

  83. Dgwrfaqew Avatar

    Even if its against store policy Gamestops still do it, I have been a Gamestop employee for some years now and travel from gamestop to gamestop and all gamestops in my area check out new games, even if there not suppose to because who would really know. 

  84. GSBlows Avatar

    Gamestop does suck, a girl employee sucked my dick just so I would give her 5 pre-orders, Salinas Northridge Mall. In her deffence it did feel pretty good.

  85. Boourns Avatar

    Couldn’t agree more. My biggest issue with them is their trade in system, where they give you ext to nothing for a game then trurn around and sell it for 2 to 3 times more. They’re crappy used game prices (generally the worst out of all stores) wouldn’t bother me as much if i knew that they gave the previous owner a decent buck for it in the first place. I have no idea why anyone would trade in a game there.

  86. 691Blakkout Avatar

    I know that I’m probably gonna get shot down for this, but I really can’t agree with a lot of these comments… I do admit that there are Gamestop’s out there were the staff are total garbage. (We’ve all heard the stories and have experienced many of them firsthand) I have met many employees who couldn’t care less about helping you and are just really lazy. On the other hand though, I have met a ton of other employees who are great workers and will do everything they can for you to save you money and make sure that you are happy with your purchase. While I do admit that the prices that you will get for trading in a game will be pretty low but realistically, it makes sense. I do shop at a Gamestop and I’m in their rewards program so I do get a higher value on my trades and everything else. I’m not saying I’m a fanboy of their store because they have their flaws. But the thing to remember is that they are a “business.” They have to make a profit to stay afloat. I agree with everyone that thinks that a lot of there employees are useless but I also think it is very true that many of the customers they get can be the most ignorant a-hole’s I’ve ever seen!
    Anyways, my little input has been said, I’m going to Gamestop tonight to pay off Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3. 

  87. GameStop is gay Avatar
    GameStop is gay

    The most money I EVER got out of a game at gamestop is $16 for Call of Duty; World at War, and even then I had a pro rewards card and I negotiated with them and it was 4 months after it came out. Also I got only 26 freaking CENTS for a 2 year old MLB 09 The Show and it was still in the case!!! THEY ARE COMPLETE BUTT HOLES!!!! I am NEVER going to any GameStop for the rest of my freaking life!!

  88. GameStop is gay Avatar
    GameStop is gay

    Your a retard. Last night i went down to gamestop and TOOK off battlefield 3 off preorder. then i went to BestBuy and preordered it there and they were polite.

  89. Chris403 Avatar

    I hate Gamestop. First off, I wanted 1 game, and I go to gamestop. What? They moved yesterday. Just great. -_- Now, I go to another gamestop the next day and I ask and they tell me, “Oh, sorry, we got rid of GBA’s. You’re gonna have to drive 10 damn miles for a 20 dollar game.” I’m never going there again. EBAY FTW!

  90. Chris403 Avatar


  91. 691Blakkout Avatar

    Sorry you think that way dude. All that matters is that you got the best customer service though. That’s really all that matters anymore. The Gamestop I go to has a bunch of high quality sales people, whereas the Bestbuy store near me, has people that I can’t stand dealing with. As long as the customer is happy than all is good.

  92. 691Blakkout Avatar

    I should correct myself to saying that (I’m sorry you feel that way.) There is nothing wrong with how you are thinking. 

  93. 691Blakkout Avatar

    I should correct myself to saying that (I’m sorry you feel that way.) There is nothing wrong with how you are thinking. 

  94. KingOftheKosmOS Avatar

    lol on the idiots that think a open game case that is put on the self for display is used. 

  95. Heymansupdog Avatar

    yes they suck for that! and they cant talk about offers over the phone lmao

  96. -8- Avatar

    They do suck they gave me $9 for something their going to turn around, and sell for $55+ Items I gave where barely used at all and one almost brand new $20 item. I’m thinking maybe saying something next time I’m in there about it, but I know the people just work there.

  97. -8- Avatar

    Correction it’s trade in system sucks. You go there to trade your used or fairly new items in you expect to get enough back to buy there used shit lol, and you cant. They need to give minimum 33% resale give or take depending condition on item if your just going to take more or their used crap off their shelves lol. If you just want to go in there get some games pretty fast without going though some big store or long lines or you want to get some inexpensive games then its cool. I went in there to get an Xbox 360 I was the only one in store. It just seems easier, and faster not all the time though. It probably differs from your area to. Some of the people work there aren’t to great nether, but it can be good. Just recommend selling your shit off ebay or something not to them lol.

  98. Splunk Avatar

    Why did you sell it for a dollar if you didn’t think it was fair?

  99. Notarealemail Avatar

    then why did you still sell it?

  100. Jhatter75 Avatar

    My favorite- Give you a dollar for an old game but charge you two because of some scratches, or how about this one. Ad in newspaper says X amount for your handheld game system for purchase of new bundle pack- sounds like a great deal right!! Well I went with paper in hand to the store my kid is trading in a DS lite for a New DS3D with some game. They tell my 10 year old sorry we don’t want that because we have to many of those- hence not honoring the ad. I go up asking why and the person had it not even taken it out of its original box to inspect it. Decides to look at it and indicated still don’t want it because there is a scratch in outside cover- one small scratch otherwise nothing wrong with it.. 

  101. Chicho Blanco Avatar

    Gamestop sucks donkey balls.

  102. gamestopsuxs Avatar

    thank god there more people that hate game stop i go into play N trade they are great but the other day i went into game stop BAD MISTAKE they gave me $6.60 FOR BLACK OPS $1.93 FOR FAR CRY 2 and $11.00 for GRAND THEFT AUTO COMPLETE EDITION witch has 3 games in it i sell any ways i go look at there shity games and i could not afford any thing i eventually had to pay them 2 more dollers so i could buy shity ass resident evil 5 fuck game stop anyone that only has game stop where u live i fell bad for you we got play N trades where i liv they are awesome they sell games for all the systems ever made and always have a very good and big selection of games and cheaper you get ALOT more for your trade ins and you can pay 5 dollers for a card that you get 10 dollers a year, 10% off games and accessories and 10% more on trade ins there store is better set up cleaner and they dont ask if you want to pre order shit and they ask if your need help finding any thing games stop employs like to sit there fat ass behind a counter and never want to help u with shit trust me if you can find a play N trade in your city you will never go to game stop again

  103. Jeffcaballero48 Avatar

    yeah gameshit wouldn’t take back my vita becuase it had a malfunction after the day i first got it had to jew um down to take it back

  104. Jderrickson78 Avatar

    Why are you posting yourself as anonymous. If you have such a big mouth and want to talk about someone who is obviously right about everything then you should make your name heard. You are probably one of those faggot nerdy managers that must speak so highly of Gamestop in order to believe that you are doing the company justice. Gamestop sucks, period. They are crooks and dont give me your garbage about the system sells for $139.99  price drop = trade-in credit drop bullshit. Yea its a profit margin of too much and too much= greed. So go and hemorrhage about your gayness somewhere else.

  105. Splunk Avatar

    Why do people just assume that people who work at GameStop love the company?  It’s just an easy job to get to bring in some money to live.  It’s a job, not a career.  

  106. Coop Avatar

    Haha! Spot on. Especially all that preorder crap. I hardly ever buy games on release day and I’m sick of explaining that everytime. Don’t they also have a policy that if you don’t pick up your pre-order within a certain amount of days, they just put it back on the shelf?

     You could also add the power card, or whatever they call it, to the list since they push it on you until you finally buy one just to shut them up. 

  107. Tuyoparasiempredevany Avatar

    Well said sir. I think my IQ went up reading your response to original poster and dirty wife.

  108. ... Avatar

    I am going to spare myself of writing a huge paragraph, but instead just sum it up in a short sentence.
    You are an idiot.

  109. SAMIRBARAI9 Avatar

    I went into Gamestop to buy a brand new unopened version of FIFA. Asked the counter guy to give it to me from the back and he just put it in the bag. But upon getting to my flat, the game was opened! I went back to store but they refused to take it back as it is, saying that I opened it! Unbelieveable!

  110. Missko Cyeily Avatar
    Missko Cyeily

    On the release date of my sister’s favorite game, I received a phone
    call from this woman saying they are having an issue with the collected
    edition that my sister preordered, and was offering a discount if
    downgrade to the regular edition.
    Knowing how much my sister loved
    the series, I told her I don’t care about the money and told her to keep
    the collected edition.
    The weird thing was after telling her that, I could hear the disappointment in her tone as she said good-bye.
    my sister went to pick up the game, they did a thing that was never did
    to her before. Grant it, my sister had preorder many games from the
    same Gamestop before and this had NEVER happened. They asked to see her ID.
    to produced her ID, my sister came back a very disappointed customer
    and cancelled all her other preorders in that Gamestop.
    Gamestop practiced questionable business conducts. Why was there a
    problem with “Preordered” games? Isn’t that the whole point of preordering? Unless the staff is selling new popular games on ebay to make
    It is unfair to the customers who paid a part of the payment
    a head of time. Trusting the store would do the right thing and have a
    copy, rightfully so, available to the paid customer, on the release
    There’s no point going to a Gamestop if a preordering games is not even guaranteed.
    We will stick with Amazon and other sellers. Bye Gamestop.

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  115. Nate Avatar

    I couldnt agree more. as a long time avid old school gamer I am ashamed to say I too have wasted hundreds of dollars on lamecraps trade in system before finally realizing how bad they suck at robbing people blind. for example, why the hell would modern warfare 3 be placed @ 5 bucks when black ops 1 is still fucking 20 bucks? theyre both call of duty right? it makes absolutely no damn sense whatsoever! who the hell is in charge of marketing and profit margins? mickey fucking mouse? good thing theres a game over store nearby. so long you gamecrap fucktards. fuck you and your backdoor dry fuck ass raping shenanigans. may your entire franchise fall and crumble worse than the roman empire.

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