Nintendo of America Hates You



Club Nintendo Gifts Are Awesome

Yeah, I said it. See, in Japan, Nintendo has this awesome program called Club Nintendo. Members of Club Nintendo get all kinds of cool gifts we never see in the U.S. This year, Club Nintendo is offering three really nice gifts: a Club Nintendo desk calendar (just skip the calendar, it’s not the awesome part), a two-disc Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack (awesome), and a Classic controller, for Wii VC console games, shaped like a SNES controller (radical).

We don’t get any of that in the U.S. Why? Because NoA doesn’t want to spend a little money to be totally awesome. Sure, the official response is that the…uh…U.S. is too big (yeah…that’s it), but that’s just B.S. obviously. The real reason is NoA just doesn’t want to cut the bottom line. All they care about is profit, not catering to fans.

I’m sure there have been meetings about it and they decided that they won’t lose any hardcore fans if they don’t have it, so why spend the money? Those hardcore fans aren’t going anywhere, it just didn’t make sense to them financially. That’s the problem, though. NoA, to me, comes off like they really don’t care about the fans, they really don’t want to spend one dime giving back to the people that have given them so much throughout their lives. The latest example of them only caring only about money is there focus on casual gamers, simply because there are more casual gamers then hardcore gamers, therefore more money is to be had catering to casual gamers. This has left some to feel that Nintendo, in a sense, has sold out to the masses.

There are plenty of other examples of NoA just not caring about the hardcore fans. They get 600-page petitions from asking to revive Earthbound 3 or asking them to localize other Japanese only Earthbound games and they get nothing. Why? Because NoA doesn’t care about just doing something to be nice, they care about the money and have decided that bringing a Earthbound game to the U.S. just won’t be profitable.

So, in short, we won’t see anything this cool from NoA, ever, because they suck. And to be clear, I like Nintendo games, I just hate how it’s become (or was it always and I was just too young) just a company based around maximizing profits. If your interested you can check out this petition, but remember your opinion doesn’t matter to NoA.


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  1. Radical Dude Avatar
    Radical Dude

    You’ve got it all wrong. Americans Hate Nintendo. If Nintendo got half the support it gets in japan from Americans it probably would offer us more cool stuff. If you hadn’t noticed all Americans is make fun of nintendo and talk about how its a weak company with weak systems. I blame you mister awesome radical gaming kid. Need i continue to remind you that you don’t own a Wii.

  2. Mike R Avatar
    Mike R

    I think, at the least, we both give Nintendo about the same amount of money. And Nintendo leads the charts in the U.S., just because people give them a hard time here doesn’t mean they don’t buy Nintendo products. How do we know what people on message boards in Japan say?

    The bottom line is it doesn’t make sense to spend money on the people they know aren’t going anywhere. I’m just saying they shouldn’t do it in Japan and not here.

    PS3 Outsells Wii, Nintendo Loses Support Despite Having Club Nintendo

  3. Radical Dude Avatar
    Radical Dude

    well lets get one thing straight, japan is cooler than america. They just are. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. Japan also has a more prominent video game culture. I think its more accepted over there. Video games are not accept that well over here. Yah Americans play video games but its not embraced like it is over there. I think we need to wait a few more generations until everyone is playing video games here. Look at our parents, they think video games are for kids and that we shouldn’t be playing them past 16 years of our lives. They also don’t play video games, so they don’t really care. When they go to the store to get their kid a new game they don’t care if there is something extra. They just want to get their kid the game to get them to shut up. I just think Nintendo realizes that most of the gamers over here don’t thrive off special stuff with their games. Do I think its a wise business move to ignore American gamers? Maybe, Maybe not, I don’t know. Take a look at all the titles that are released in Japan but not in the states. Does that mean that those publishers or companies hate Americans? Probably, just kidding. They just realize that its not economically viable to bring that stuff to the states, just like it may not be economically viable for nintendo to bring their stuff to the states.
    Think of this as well. I don’t actually know the statistics but what do you think the dominant DS owner age group is? I would be shocked to hear that it is 20-35 year olds who also love everything nintendo and want soundtracks and nintendo merchandise. Then look at the Wii owners. Those stats would just be random as hell as parents and kids alike seem to be taken by the Wii Fever as I now call it. But there is something to note, the Wii owners are not gamers for the most part. They don’t care about the Galaxy Soundtrack or some Calendar. They just have the system for entertainment, just like someone else may have a board game. I mean I love Balderdash but i don’t need a Balderdash Calendar. I think I have made my point in defense of Nintendo. I still think they manage to do things to annoy their loyal fans though. But hey as I said we are like the beat up girlfriend that keeps coming back, or boyfriend, i guess domestic violence can go either way.

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