Disgaea 3 Extended Japanese Trailer



I want this game, really bad. People complain about the graphics, “This is a PS3 game lol”, but the graphics don’t seem that horrible to me. I’m sure the game play will be great, and the combos seem cool as hell. Sort of reminds me of how ridiculous Knights of the Round was in Final Fantasy 7. The move at the end, where the guy knocks the moon into the planet on top of other guy, totally awesome.

I think I’m going to play Disgaea 2 tonight I’m so pumped up.





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  1. Vera Avatar

    Since the industry’s curernt dogma of sequels would not allow for less features, the crappyness had to stay and be covered with new features. I find that observation quite intriguing! It puts quite nicly into words the fallacies of game sequels. Great work!It reminds me, in Gran Turismo 3, many people complained that the races were too long. There were many tricks that involved glueing the accelerator button down and letting the PS2 on for a few hours. If your car was fast enough, it would finish the race on its own. As a result, in Gran Tursimo 4, there is the B-Spec mode, in which the A.I. races for you and you just watch. Wouldn’t it be better to make races more entertaining?Yet, in case of Gran Turismo, the situation is more difficult since simulation of a wide spectrum of different forms of racing experiences is the foucus there, not just getting trough the game. Still, at first sight, the features seems bizzare and ridiculus. I’m preparing a post about that

  2. Gokil Avatar

    I can recall two games I was rlaely looking forward to being canceled and later revived at some point. One was 2-D, the other was 3-D. Oddly enough, when they were revived, they each were made in the opposite styles which they were originally slated to have. The first game was Mother 3/Earthbound 64, a 3-D game canceled after Spaceworld 2000 and later made in 2-D for the Gameboy Advance. The second game was the 2-D Final Fantasy III remake for Bandai Wonderswan Color. This game was canceled, and it was later remade in 3-D for the DS. It was reported at one point that Square-Enix “lost the code” to the 2-D game (not sure if they meant the original Famicom code or what existed of the WSC code), and that’s why they remade it in 3-D rather than completing the 2-D remake that had seemed to enter development limbo. I did like the 3-D FF3 remake, but I don’t buy Square-Enix’s explanation for the lack of a 2-D graphics upgrade. As you can probably tell, I still pine for that 2-D remake to be completed and released one day.To the point, however. I guess I wanted to say to the nay-sayers of the RD3/MML3 revival efforts, and to those supporters whose faith may be faltering, that canceled games have been revived before. I just cited two games whose cancellation were probably the biggest recent disappointments I’ve experienced as a gamer. Coincidentally, like MML3, they both were the second sequels in major franchises. Sure, this is a little more complicated. Capcom of Japan seem adamant right now in their decision to not release this game. Also, as I’ve stated elsewhere, I do believe the behind-the-scenes fallout from Keiji Inafune’s public departure further complicates the matter. Lastly, Mother 3 and the FF3 remake were not revived (that I know of) due directly to massive fan efforts (though I wouldn’t be surprised if such efforts were factors in these projects’ revivals, due to their massive and dedicated respective fan communities).My point is, something similar to the game revival we’re fighting for has happened in the past. Twice, in fact. I believe and hope it can happen a third time. Let’s persist in our efforts to get this game back in development. Nice showing at NYCC, guys. You make this longtime Rockfan very proud. :D

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