Gamestop Super Smash Bros. Brawl Launch Events

I received my weekly Gamestop/EB Games news letter this week, and it had information about Super Smash Bros. Brawl release events happening all across the country this weekend. At certain stores (listed here), you’ll be able to show up at 10 PM on Saturday, March 8, and participate in a Brawl tournament. The winners from each store will advance to the next round and, after a few more rounds, the finals will be held in San Jose, CA. The winner receives the following: a Vizio 37″ LCD-TV, an entire Nintendo Wii Software Library, one Nintendo Wii console and selected accessories, and $5,000 in cash. Niiiice

Helps us Celebrate the Release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is finally hitting the streets March 9, and we’re celebrating with midnight launches at a plethora of participating EB Games or GameStop stores. This is such a big deal, we have to use fancy words like “plethora.” While you’re waiting for midnight, you might as well have some fun and enter our Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament, kicking off at these stores at 10 pm March 8. You can find details and rules here.

In most sporting events, smashing a barrel over your opponent’s head or using a flamethrower is frowned upon, but in SSBB for Wii, anything goes. Get ready for the brawl and pre-order online now or reserve at your local EB Games or GameStop.


  1. Mike I need to know what a blogroll is at our next meeting.

  2. Mike I need to know what a blogroll is at our next meeting.

  3. It’s basically a link Radical Dude, on the side of the webpage. If you go to you can see a link to . You’ll also see this:

    “Another example of being slammed back down to earth from your game experience is Lost Odyssey. Lost Odyssey has multiple short stories in the game. If people wanted to read a book, they would go to the bookstore, not their local Gamestop. This is a form of abuse on the media, because it just retracts from what games look like they will be in the near future: interactive experiences, in which you control a character or group of characters. All entertainment is supposed to help you escape into another person’s life. People just like to get away from their life and into the life of a virtual character for a few hours. Stopping the game and forcing the player to read pages of texts, just detracts that experience and the player gets slammed back to earth.”

    Which, I think, is blasphemy. Lost Odyssey is awesome AND radical.

  4. Yah, I did comment on that piece about lost odyssey. I did see what he was saying though.

  5. Yah, I did comment on that piece about lost odyssey. I did see what he was saying though.

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