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I have fond memories of the 1942 series, I can remember playing the arcade game at various different places. It was always fun…shooting stuff in a plane. Anyway, on July 23 the new, 3D, 1942 will be out on XBLA. PSN users have to wait til the 24 for some reason. 2-player online co-op seems pretty fun, and the same composer that worked on Metal Gear Solid is doing the soundtrack for 1942: Joint Strike.

The whole release, and an image gallery, after the link.

The classically inspired vertical arcade shooter 1942: Joint Strike arrives on PSN 7/24 and on XBLA on 7/23.

1942: Joint Strike takes inspiration and influence from the ‘80s 194X series of World War II-themed vertical arcade shooters. The art, sound and gameplay of the new game take cues from the original 194X games, but will stand out as its own unique entry. Gameplay will resemble the classic 2D style that gamers expect, but the game utilizes a fully 3D engine. Set in a World War II-themed locale, stages, vehicles and weapons have the look and feel of WWII with some stylistic differences.

The new 1942: Joint Strike features 2-player online cooperative play. Graphics and music have been similarly updated by Backbone Entertainment, the developers of this latest entry into the 194X series. There’s also a brand new score for the game created by Norihiko Hibino, an international composer well-known for his work creating music for the Metal Gear series.

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