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  • Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Returns This Summer

    Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Returns This Summer

    Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, the puzzle-solving mystery game, is returning this summer with new HD visuals and availability across more platforms than ever. Originally released on the Nintendo DS™ in 2010, the game is now being resurrected for PlayStation®4 (PS4™), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and PC via Steam. Players take on the role of Sissel, […]

  • Okamiden E3 Trailer

    If only it was coming to the 3DS…

  • Final Fight: Double Impact’s Remixed Soundtrack Available For Free

    The re-released version of Final Fight: Double Impact for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network also comes with a remixed soundtrack. Pretty cool, but cooler still is the fact that the whole soundtrack is available for free off the Final Fight website. The soundtrack was created by Simon Viklund, who worked on Bionic Commando […]

  • Capcom Announces Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds

    Sure, it took a decade but Capcom has officially announced a sequel to (in my opinion) the awesomest fighting game, ever. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds features the same 3 on 3 battles as the previous game and is scheduled for a spring 2011 release on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox […]

  • Mega Man 10 Retro Commercial

    I love how Capcom takes the retro look even into their commercials. If I saw that when I was a kid I would have wanted the game. And more locks on the door to my room. And a nude poster on my door.

  • Mega Man 10 Out For Wii, Coming Soon For PS3, Xbox

    Capcom’s latest retro Mega Man is out today for the WiiWare today and will be out March 11th on the PSN and March 31st on XBLA. Why three different days? I have no idea, maybe it’s more fun that way. Full press release, below…

  • Monster Hunter Tri Detailed For North American Release

    Nintendo and Capcom released a ton of new details for their upcoming release Monster Hunter Tri at the Nintendo Summit today. Highlights include free online play, voice support (Wii-Speak), a bundle with classic controller for only $59.99, and a pre-order Monster Hunter Tri Points Card worth 500 Points ($5.00) available through Gamestop. The card can […]

  • COO Of Capcom Mark Beaumont Passes Away

    Capcom announced that its chief operating officer for North America and Europe, Mark Beaumont, died this morning. Our COO and dear friend, Mark Beaumont, passed away this morning. This sudden loss has left us with deep sadness. Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones. We will remember him for his humor, passion […]

  • New Mega Man Zero Collection Screens

    Capcom has released a whole batch of screenshots for their upcoming Mega Man Zero Collection. The game is a collection of all four Mega Man ZERO titles bundled together. The games were previously released on the GameBoy Advance. More shots, below.

  • Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley Revealed For Super Street Fighter IV

    Capcom has officially revealed three new characters for Super Street Fighter IV, “martial artist Makoto, deadly ninja Ibuki and gentlemanly pugilist Dudley.” I wish I could be described as a “gentlemanly pugilist.” Two more videos, below…

  • Mega Man 10 Trailer

    I’m guessing Dr. Wily is doing all kinds of bad things and it’s up to Mega Man to kick a bunch of bad robot’s asses. Mega Man 10 is coming to WiiWare, Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Store in March 2010. Full press release, below:

  • New Dark Void Trailer

    I like to assume Dark Void is essentially The Rocketeer, but in the future. Also, reminds me that I need to get a jet pack.