Street Fighter Club Event in Brooklyn, NY

What’s a Street Fighter Club event? Apparently, an “evening of free pizza, sodas, an amazing goodie bag and ten Street Fighter IV arcade machines.” At least that’s what happened in L.A. when they held a similar event earlier this year. It took place in some run-down warehouse in an “ultra-sketchy” neighborhood, so there’s a good chance when it comes to Brooklyn it will be in Red Hook and I won’t have travel far. Honestly, I just want to go for the goodie bag. I hope Liz comes with me, because I’m a) scared of run-down warehouses, and b) scared of people cosplaying Street Fighter characters. And playing Street Fighter IV would be fun, too.

Wanted to let you know that Capcom has announced that the next “underground” Street Fighter Club event will be held in Brooklyn, NY on Friday night, Oct. 24.

We still haven’t announced the definitive location in Brooklyn — coming soon! — but we’re encouraging Street Fighters on the East Coast to save the date for an evening of Street Fighter IV on console (with Sakura and Akuma unlocked for play) as well as the near-final version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

The first 250 registered attendees will receive a Street Fighter Club grab bag, including the exclusive NYC SFC t-shirt and poster (designed for this event by Meat Bun), SFC soap, laser-etched dogtags, Street Fighter comic books and other goodies.

To register for Street Fighter Club, interested gamers just need to stop by and sign up. Capcom has also started a Street Fighter Club group ( on Capcom Unity, which has constant updates, photos from the events, etc. Registered sfc members will also be the first to receive information on the final location of NYC SFC.

Not sure what Street Fighter Club is? Read all about the first one here:


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