Music of the Gaming World That Is So Radical Its Awesome: Lost Odyssey



Did anyone out there play an amazing game called Lost Odyssey? This game is hands down one of the best RPG’s to hit the 360. I know there isn’t that much competition as the 360 doesn’t have tons of RPG’s, but it still has an OK amount. Regardless of what it has, even compared to other systems, Lost Odyssey was a truly great game. The graphics to Lost Odyssey were stunning in my humble opinion. I am a gamer that is really into graphics. I believe that one can make a so so game way better if it has amazing graphics. There is nothing wrong with eye candy. What really made Lost Odyssey so great though was a mix of its music and its story.

Now I’ve read some criticisms of the storyline but I think that’s all ridiculous. I really don’t know what people out there are expecting from RPG’s as far as stories go. I don’t get why they have to be so critical. And yes I am going to go so low as to say those people are fricken idiots. The story of Lost Odyssey was great. It was really easy to connect with the characters and truly care for them. Another great aspect if one doesn’t mind reading were the amazing dreams throughout the game. The stories told through the dreams presented some of the most compelling stories I have ever witnessed from a video game. But it doesn’t end there. In my opinion what brings it all together is a brilliant soundtrack.

Music, as we know, can make or break a game. In this game Nobuo Uematsu uses his genius to make a compelling game that much more compelling through his music. People out there should be familiar with his work for Square, mainly his work on Final Fantasy Games. The music he utilized for this game is like a walk down memory lane as it is very reminiscent of his older work. The amazing thing is that he is able to take what he has done and make it all fresh again. His composing skills really shine in this game. The song structures mixed with the story and graphics makes everything seem so much more dramatic.

Anyway, the point is that everyone should play Lost Odyssey or at least own the soundtrack. The tracks I chose were two really great ones from the game. The first is the music that would play while accessing the world map. It reminds me of a mix of music from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and something from Chrono Cross. The second song is a piece that was played throughout the game but was used a lot during the dream sequences. It really played well with the tragic stories told during those sequences.

Neverending Journey

A Sign of Hope





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