Dark Spire Preview on IGN

IGN has a nice preview up about Atlus’ upcoming DS dungeon crawler, The Dark Spire. I think the game looks pretty interesting, I liked both Etrian Odyssey games and this seems very similar.

About the game, Mark Bozon says, “The Dark Spire is, in every way, a hardcore RPG fan’s RPG.” He later adds, “the writing is very well done, with a lot of variation in descriptions and some strong narration for battles, the art is still pretty interesting in a very flat-colored, traditional design, and the music is great throwback audio as well.”

On the game’s unique “classic” visual setting: “…as a bonus for classic RPG fans, a wireframe black and white mode is included, complete with colored sprites instead of huge panel art for character interaction, 8-bit music and sound effects, and a faster, no-nonsense interface and battle system. Hilarious, and a great way to make this one a novelty buy even if you don’t intend on throwing hundreds of hours at it. That mode, along with all “flavor text” (which is the added narration on top of battles, specifically) can be turned off and on as you go.”

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