Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island



Extend Your Paradise on June 11 for £9.99

London, UK – June 8, 2009 – Criterion Games, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) studio today, has announced that the Burnout™ Paradise Big Surf Island expansion pack will be available to download on June 11 for £9.99 on the PLAYSTATION®Network and 1000 MS Points on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace.

Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island is a brand new playground that enhances and expands the amazing world of the award-winning driving game, Burnout Paradise. Highlights include fun challenges and events for groups of friends to play online, an exciting new world to discover, the biggest and wildest jumps yet, plus a set of nine new vehicles to experience it all in.

Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island also features an Island specific driver’s license for single player progression, challenging players to explore the World, find secret areas and experience a host of new events and challenges.

“Big Surf Island is the most fun players can have in Burnout Paradise and provides incredible value for money,” says Pete Lake, Big Surf Island producer at Criterion Games. “We listened to our community and built this massive new playground for them, taking everything they loved about the game and using it to make the Island as much fun as possible. Big Surf Island is packed full of action, everything is bigger and better, from the jumps, to the challenges, to the fun you’ll have playing there.”

Developed at Criterion Games in Guildford, England, Burnout Paradise has won more than 55 awards. For more information about the game, please go to http://www.criteriongames.com or http://info.ea.com. Or follow us on Twitter at, http://twitter.com/criteriongames ;


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