Starcraft II Campaign Videos



So, I totally want to play this game. Kotaku also has a nice write-up of the first seven single player missions (it has spoilers).


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  1. Adarsh Avatar

    Hey, this is just Super Mario Bro’s on the NES. In EVERY copy of Supper Mario Bros, it has ALWAYS been one player at a time. Luigi has ALWAYS skdeidd like that well in all my versions with Duck Hunt on the Cart. The Spring Boards and Poison mushrooms . I do not remember clearly. But I re-cant my niece saying This has poison mushrooms. So now my question is, did Doki Doki originally get shipping with some NES systems in U.S. It is not important, but I’ll check into it

  2. Alice Avatar

    i agree this sucks guys but im sure they will make it in ds soon becuase other wise their sales will go down by a lot plus no bodys gona buy the 3ds just for this game so they are going to have to make a ds vireson or their sails wil defo go down

  3. Enmanuelyosueth Avatar

    I’m sure it will be a cool little app and all, worth a good spin or two, but is aynnoe really going to, like, play the game on their iPhone? Sure the iPhone can do a lot, but this is like playing Halo on your phone. It’s just not gonna work.

  4. Johne6 Avatar

    Definitely pent topic matter, appreciate it for selective information. gdfdkdebeafk

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