Brutal Legend Demo Now Available To All Xbox Live Gold Members




The Xbox 360 Brutal Legend demo is now available to all Xbox Live Gold members. Previous, it was only available to those who pre-ordered the game (which seems to essentially defeat the purpose of a demo, to me). Regardless, more details here (Slightly off topic, and I know it’s not exactly a brand new feature, but I like how you can add items to your queue and they start downloading once you turn on your 360, great for adding stuff at work so you don’t forget later). I can’t wait to finally try out the game.


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  1. Jacob Avatar

    Si je ne venais pas d aechter une psp il y a 2 mois j aurais opte9 pour celle-ci, le design me plait pas mal.En revanche j ai lu pas mal d avis ne9gatif sur Nin-Nin Games, vous n avez jamais eu de proble8me chez eux ?

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