April Fool’s Day Round Up



For me, April Fool’s day and video games don’t mix well most of the time. A lot of the jokes feel really tired or forced. Like, everyone feels the need to do something, funny or not.

However, IGN’s Mass Effect 3 cartoon is pretty amazing a) because I’d rather play that game and b) I feel like they had to put some real time into getting someone to animate a fake cartoon.

Then, there’s stuff like Rock Band Board Game which made me feel embarrassed.

A better fake-retro Retro City Rampage Breakfast Cereal, which I would have begged my mom to get.

Valve pretends that Half-Life 3 is out NOW. Leads to:

Think Geek has Minecraft marshmallow Creepers and Skyrim Electronic Dragon Shout Hoodie.

Metacritic has created Metametacritic, to rate reviews, which is the best idea, ever.

Assassin’s Creed Kinectic. It’s funny, because your body is the controller.

Google gets on board (for some reason also doing a video game themed April Fool’s), Google Maps: Dragon Quest edition. I just have so many questions…why Dragon Quest? Why a Famicom and not a NES? Not that I mind, just seems random.

Annnddd… 1UP’s Nintendo Dubstep Experience 3D.

Sega Bass Fishing of the Dead – good idea.

I’m sure I missed like 50, but…I can’t deal with it anymore.


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