I Think the Site is No Longer Hacked



After a traditionally long absence I’ve decided to randomly start posting on Awesome Radical Gaming again. Because, why not? I was inspired by Will Smith, long story. I think I also fixed the very much hacked RSS feed. I don’t understand how it is that WordPress always gets hacked. The plugins? I don’t know, or care, but it’s a major pain in the ass every single time. Going forward I’m going to use Github for revisioning and backup the site regularly so this kind of thing won’t happen again (or if it does, I can easily restore it).

Other then that I really have nothing exciting to say, except that you should check out this video for Chroma Squad, a manager game with japanese-style super heroes. From the people that brought us Knights of Pen and Paper.

You should also know that I’ve become much more obsessed with board games lately, mostly due to Kickstarter. And that I’ve been collecting SNES Rom hack carts, or Japanese ROMs that were patched with English translations, then put onto a cart. It’s the shady underworld of SNES collecting.



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    Les deux sont très imparfait, ce qui explique pourquoi ils ont chacun seulement trois victoires cette saison.

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