Arkanoid: Doh It Again Review




– I’m probably not going to finish this game, there are 99 stages and sitting through just one is pretty painful
– The intro has a surprising amount of story:

– You control a ship called “Vaus”, it’s not just a paddle
– “DOH” is the moah-like bad guy


– You’re somehow saving the day by bouncing a ball into bricks
– This is pretty hard sci-fi
– It’s a Breakout-style game, with boss fights

I only reached stage 5 before giving up, I don’t have the patience for this style of game anymore (I don’t know if I ever really did). I feel like you just don’t have enough control of where the ball goes and I’m just waiting for it to randomly hit the last block. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, I don’t know or care really.

I have much fonder memories of the original Arkanoid. There was one in the Pizza Hut we would sometimes go to and I really enjoyed playing it. Maybe it was because, at the time, I had pretty limited access to games so playing anything new was a treat. It was a cocktail arcade machine like this one:

Score: 20/100


Arkanoid: Doh It Again on Wikipedia
Arkanoid on Wikipedia

I’m trying to play through my old backlog of SNES games and write brief notes as I go along, then giving the game a score once I’m finished. I’ll try to keep the reviews within the context of the time, which can be difficult given the fact that it’s now 20+ years later. I’m playing them all on the original hardware and not through emulation.






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  1. Bill Cranberry Avatar
    Bill Cranberry

    I like videogrames and my mother’s new boyfriend Eric took me to play some of them at this place ca;lled the game factory. he used to wortk there and its at a mall. His friend met us there but when we got there all the games were gone and his friend just took a bunch of pictures of me with his cell phone. They gave me medicines and i fell asleep for a while. I wanna get a new game though–know of any good ones?

    Thank you!

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