Magic: The Gathering Arena on Consoles Delayed to 2024



Magic: The Gathering Arena, the latest digital iteration of the iconic collectible card game, has had its console release pushed back until at least 2024. Chris Cocks, the Hasbro chief executive, made the announcement during a fourth-quarter call with investors. He added that the Steam release is still on track for this Fall of 2023. Cocks also noted the efforts the Wizards digital team is taking to improve the new-player experience before launching on Steam.

Cocks also mentioned the idea of digital collectibles, avoiding the calling evoking the term “NFT.” He indicated that there is interest in the concept and said further R&D would be invested through either an internal or external basis.

Lastly, Cocks touched on the development team’s progress toward implementing the beloved Commander format in arena.

The console market for Magic: The Gathering Arena should become available to fans of the game sometime in 2024 or beyond. This delay is likely due to the focus on the more imminent launch of the game on Steam and the dedicated team working towards making it a robust player experience. Beyond that, the idea of digital collectibles, and their pending implementation, will undoubtedly bring greater engagement and a revived excitement for the game.


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