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  • Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Launching Later This Month

    Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Launching Later This Month

    Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is a remastered version of the top-down puzzle game released in 2010. It features 3D graphics and a new rewind feature that allows players to replay micro-dungeons from an earlier point. This provides an opportunity to experiment with different strategies and upgrades. All of the DLC from the original game is included, […]

  • Chill Eco Strategy Terra Nil Coming to Steam and Netflix March 28

    Chill Eco Strategy Terra Nil Coming to Steam and Netflix March 28

    Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that Terra Nil, a city-building game with an ecological spin, will be launched on March 28 on Steam for Windows, as well as being added to the Netflix subscription of mobile games. Developer Free Lives will donate a portion of all Steam sales profits to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Players […]

  • Magic: The Gathering Arena on Consoles Delayed to 2024

    Magic: The Gathering Arena on Consoles Delayed to 2024

    Magic: The Gathering Arena, the latest digital iteration of the iconic collectible card game, has had its console release pushed back until at least 2024. Chris Cocks, the Hasbro chief executive, made the announcement during a fourth-quarter call with investors. He added that the Steam release is still on track for this Fall of 2023. […]

  • Yggdra Union Out Now on Steam

    Yggdra Union Out Now on Steam

    Yggdra Union was initially released for the Game Boy Advance in 2006 and is a turn-based strategy game that requires players to mix and combine formations, known as unions, to defeat their opponents. While the game received a PlayStation Portable port a few years after its GBA release, North America has yet to receive its […]

  • Moonbreaker Playtest Weekends Announced

    Moonbreaker Playtest Weekends Announced

    Moonbreaker, the upcoming strategy game from Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds, will have two playtest weekends, on September 9 through 11 and September 16 through 18. The playtests will be used to stress test the servers, and all progress will be wiped except for paint jobs. This game looks exactly like a tabletop strategy game, but […]

  • Lucid: A new Metroidvania coming in 2024

    Lucid: A new Metroidvania coming in 2024

    Lucid is a new Metroidvania (with a heavy dose of Celeste-like mechanics like air dashing) from The Matte Black Studio and Apogee Entertainment that will be released in 2024. There’s also a fairly heavy emphasis on platforming. The player controls Oenn, one of the last sentinels tasked with maintaining the world’s balance. The goal is […]

  • Looking Forward to Loop Hero

    Looking Forward to Loop Hero

    I’m really looking forward to Loop Hero, a roguelike deck-builder. You don’t directly control the hero, but instead, build out the map the hero loops around. The hero moves along the path automatically, monsters spawn, the hero kills and loots them, repeat forever. There’s no release date yet announced for the game, just a general […]

  • Check Out Skul

    Check Out Skul

    Skul is a brand new pixel-art side-scrolling rogue-lite that’s out on Steam now. It has a premise where you can switch out Skul’s skull to change out the character’s class. From what I’ve seen so far, there’s a pretty large number of skull-types, so there’s a lot of variety in the gameplay. Add to that […]

  • Borderlands Will Be Available On Steam, Have Additional Features

    It has been confirmed today that Borderlands will be released for download on Steam. Steve Gibson of Gearbox also noted some additional details about the PC version of the game. First, the PC graphics will be the best out of all versions of the game (provided your computer can handle turning the graphics all the […]

  • Lucasarts Classics Out On Steam And Direct2Drive

    Lucasarts has released a number of their older titles for both Steam and Direct2Drive. They packaged the games together, one package containing Jedi Knight series, the other package having a few of their classic adventure games. Direct2Drive adventure game pack contains The Dig, Fate of Atlantis, Last Crusade and Loom for $9.95, and the Jedi […]

  • Buy Every Valve Game for $99

    If my computer didn’t suck, and I didn’t already own a lot of the games, I’d totally buy Valve Complete Pack, which is available through Steam here and includes Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead is what, $54 anyway? Might as well get a ton of other games for a couple bucks more.