Chill Eco Strategy Terra Nil Coming to Steam and Netflix March 28



Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that Terra Nil, a city-building game with an ecological spin, will be launched on March 28 on Steam for Windows, as well as being added to the Netflix subscription of mobile games. Developer Free Lives will donate a portion of all Steam sales profits to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Players will explore four procedurally generated regions ranging from ruined cities to tropical islands, with the goal of reclaiming nature and building ecosystems with wind power, irrigation and more.

A new trailer highlights the game’s serene aesthetic and animations. The trailer gives a vivid picture of Terra Nil’s visuals and gameplay, with flocks of geese filling the sky as nature reclaims the land.

With its Ghibli-inspired art style and peaceful vibe, Terra Nil looks to be an enjoyable and mindful experience reminiscent of last year’s Dorfromantik. Here’s an overview of the game from Digital Devolver:

In this chill, meditative twist on the city-builder genre, you use advanced eco-tech to transform a barren, desolate wasteland into a thriving, vibrant ecosystem. Purify soil, clean oceans, plant trees, reintroduce wildlife—then recycle everything and move on, leaving no trace you were ever there.

Across six to eight blissful hours, tackle a variety of replayable procedurally generated biomes—including volcanic glaciers, ruined cities and tropical islands—each with its own uniquely challenging climate, geology, flora, and fauna. Then when you’ve completed all four regions, challenge yourself further with unlockable alternate levels.

Create rainforests, swamps, rivers, and more, and watch as the dry, cracked surface of a dead world suddenly explodes with life and color.

Terra Nil is a peaceful, beautiful and deeply satisfying experience.






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