Desktop Dungeon Rewind

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Launching Later This Month



Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is a remastered version of the top-down puzzle game released in 2010. It features 3D graphics and a new rewind feature that allows players to replay micro-dungeons from an earlier point. This provides an opportunity to experiment with different strategies and upgrades. All of the DLC from the original game is included, and there are rotating daily challenges and a lovable soundtrack composed by Danny Baranowsky and Grant Kirkhope.

One unique aspect of Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is the settlement-building feature. Players can spend their newfound riches on an infant kingdom to attract more adventurers for profit. A daily demo is currently available on Steam with new procedurally-generated maps each day, daily leaderboards, and challenges. It’s free if you want to try it out, as it has about 13 refreshes left before the game launches on April 18th on Steam and the Humble Store.

Overall, Desktop Dungeons: Rewind offers a refreshed version of the original game with added features while maintaining its core gameplay. The settlement-building aspect adds a new depth to the game, making it a fun and exciting experience for new and returning players.


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